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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Muddling through the days...

and if I may say so, I'd rather be MOVED than waiting. But it's not up to me, and so I wait. I'm doing the Rainbow Scraps Challenge this year, and in addition to working with one color a month, I'm making an additional block for a dontation quilt. I chose the Shoo fly as it's quick, easy and works well with scraps. One block for each month won't do it, however, and I'm adding a 2nd and maybe 3rd as time goes by.
 I'm also playing along with Julie K's plaid quilt-a-long. Didn't realize I'm quite short of plaids! I love hers and to me it reads as warmer "fruity" kinds of colors. I'm lacking in those! But I'll muddle along and see what I can find.
 I couldn't resist jumping in when Amanda Jean, of crazy mom quilts, announced a 36 patch quilt-a-long. I had a jelly roll that I was itching to get used, not realizing you can't get the required number of 2.5" squares from one set of strips. Sooooo? What to do?, I scratched my noggin and opted for a 16 patch instead! I can make 2 of the 16 patches from one set of strips, and that will work just fine with the jelly roll. The one I'm using is Sandy Gervis's Merry and Bright, from a couple of Christmases ago. I won it in a giveaway.
And last of all, I want to thank you for all the lovely good wishes and happy thoughts you gave me when "the babies" arrived. Sadly, they returned to their former home and Mama cat late the next day. I knew it would be a rocky "go" with Ebby as she's so very damaged in the trust and comfidence department. I hoped she's come around to them gradually and even if she only tolerated them, it could work. Her reaction to "seeing" them in her house was quite spectacular, to say the least! I've never hear that many non-stop hisses come from one cat. She did a quantum dive under the bed, and 37 hours later she was still there. She ventured out a couple of times but the instant she saw them, it happened all over again. I tried to talk to her and reassure her, but all she could do was crouch and hiss at me. I felt certain she'd come out for water, litter box and food during the night(kittens slept in the carrier, locked in) but she didn't.
By early afternoon the next day, I knew she'd be in trouble if she didn't drink or relieve herself soon, and made the decision to return the kittens. Luckily I could do that. They were gone and things cleaned up by 4 0'clock, but it was nearly 8 that night before I looked down and saw her sitting by my chair. She was very skiddish the next 12 hours or so, and spent alot of time smelling every where they had been. By the next day, the 30th, she was gradually relaxing back into her old self. Jean and other friends who encouraged me to "give it a try" felt terrible, but I don't. I realize now that she's a unique case, and while I may not "like" what she's been stuck with, we are a couple of old ladies just "chillin'" together. If anything, she's calmer than before, and a bit more affectionate. Strangely enough, she seems to trust me more...go figure!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010


 Remembering all those who serve, who protect and defend and those who serve by standing watch. My most sincere thank you to all of our wonderful miltary, past and present.
I showed this picture last year for the UFO challenge. It's one of many I didn't get around to for one reason or another. Nor have I gotten around "to it" until today. I have my reasons, but today I struggled with them, over came them and moved onward towards completion.
 I began sewing with my mug of coffee before 7 this a.m. There were 7 finished blocks in the container at that time. There are now 11 completed and 9 more prepped for sizing and sewing together. What took the longest was tracking down enough light colored flannels to do that background!! On #20 I was really diggin' and scratching to see what I could use. It's that big triangle, cut at 9", that causes the problems. Most of my flannel is in FQ form. The pattern is called North Wind(my source) altho I think it's also called Corn and Bean and a few other things. It was in a magazine several years back. I think I liked the big bold blocks best of all. I managed not to notice how much bias you are handling...ya. The pattern sets it as a 12 block quilt with borders. But that's only 36" X 48" before borders...kinda skimpy! So I'm taking it up to 48" X 60" and then will add about a 6" border, not sure if it will be all one fabric or not. Might do a 2" and then a 4". It's a UFO that I'd really like to give as a Christmas present, but it's NOT one of my FOCUS FIVE projects...just so you know how off target I get..LOL I have finished ALL the blocks for the string quilt(UFO#2) and have them all joined up. Now I have hours of ironing ahead of me, pressing all those seams open. I hope I can get it pinned over the weekend.
And on this day of honoring those who serve, I chose my parents. Miles and Doris, married in 1935. The Depression not far behind them, the future not yet bright because of war clouds all about. They spent the early years of their marriage in northern WI, with Dad working pulp lumber. That slid over into working for the WPA under Pres. Roosevelt. By 1940, with war clouds still dark and looming, they moved to my home town of Chippewa Falls, WI where Dad trained to be a drill press operator. W.S. Darley Pump was making bilge pumps for our military carriers and submarines. It was a job, but it was also "war work". With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Dad wanted to enlist. I was an infant at the time. My Mothers Dad(who also worked at Darley Pump), together with the Foreman, went to the draft board and got Dad deferred from military service. They did it without his knowledge. I do understand the how and why of it, but also understand it upset my father beyond what words could convey. I'm not sure he ever forgave them for that. Three of his 4 brothers enlisted and served until the war ended, as did my Mother's brothers. Mom worked in an 'munitions factory a few miles from our home. It had been Presto Cookware until the war. She was still working there when I began kindergarten in 1945. I believe Mom and Dad served their country although in a way that we don't always remember or acknowledge. I honor them, as well, on this Eleventh day of the Eleventh month.
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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The decision is final....

This is the 2nd UFO for this challenge. It's been hanging around about a year. I showed the picture last challenge, but never got around to it. The blocks finish at 8", right now it's 48" X 64". I'm going to make it double bed size for DS #2. Using the 8" size it will be 80" X 96". I need to piece quite a few more string blocks...LOL. Better get to it!
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time to STOP.....

 myself from making(or thinking I need to make) a quilt everytime I see a block I like!!!!!!!!!! Yes, for me that is usually the "trigger" that sends me to the scrapbag or stash. This interesting little tidbit has come to my attention as I continue to organize and pull together my UFOs. Darned if I don't start a quilt, or several versions of the same quilt, when a block intrigues me. Case in point: this sample made after I saw it at a quilt show. Tried it in cowboy fabric, only did two.
 Jumped over to the Christmas fabric and began to cut for this one in couch size. I pulled these pieces out on Thursday to "see" what needed doing. Decided it would be just fine as a table topper instead! Made 9 blocks, have borders and binding cut, and the scraps went into the appropiate containers! I'm not crazy about it, and wonder why the block ever appealed to me?? The blocks are 8.5" and with 4.5" borders, it will be 32" square.
 I do think it has possibilities set on point,but my background fabric is all words and very directional. Gotta learn to STOP myself from these headlong plunges!
And last, but not least, another headlong plunge into several quilts, ala Pineapple Blossoms from Quiltville. Made one up in Christmas fabric several years ago, scrappy of course, and that was fuel enough to spin me off into THREE more "beguns". This one will be finished up as a table topper as well. About 36" square without borders, have to think about those. A decision will be made about "begun #2" and the scrappy, long term "begun #3" will stay as a project. I've come to realize I like having long term projects. I can pull out the scrappy hourglass container,etc, make as many as I like and put the container back. When there are enough, it can become a quilt. Not everyones cup of tea, but it works for me! UFO#1 is in the binding stage and I hope to have it finished before Nov. 1st. Right now, that's my focus. How are the UFO's coming for you???
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The first UFO project...

 proceeded by a "timely" commercial. I love the advertising from this period in America's history. American, rising to the challenge, hanging in there, waiting for things to get better, coping with the shortages. These days our economic landscape has similar shadows for many. I'm a huge fan of "Project Runway", and in Tim Gunn's best words..."Make it work"!! Many times with UFOs, you have to stretch yourself to make it work. Today I'm sharing the first project of my challenge to finish.
Yes, this is it. Not a big deal, I know. It's a memory quilt, made from shirts of a friends DH. The person who collected the shirts and sent them was slow in doing so. And I was slower yet in getting started. Jump to the end of story. The wife died unexpectedly(massive and fatal heart attack while living alone)and a memory quilt never arrived. Unsure of what to do,it sat here. It was on my list last year and didn't get finished. That is changing. It needs pinning, quilting and binding and will then travel to MI to one of the adult children of these friends. Altho it's a small project compared to some, I need a "FINISH" in October. Gotta get one under my belt! How about you?
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