Saturday, November 06, 2010

We got a situation......

I just don't know what else to call it! And it's a humdinger of a situation. It involves our NYE UFO Challenge. Many of you know I've hosted this challenge the past 3 years, but this is a first. Let me explain...Michele,a long time friend(and an over achiever!) has pledged 10 projects. That's not unusual for Michele. Friend Carol, met Michele's challenge last year and is repeating it again this year with 10 projects! And we all know the time is shorter this year, only 2 months and 13 days from from when we started.
Recently Friend Clare caught up with our challenge and commented on Michele's lofty goals in an email. She also remarked,"Right - okay - deal.If Michelle manages to finish all those UFO's within the time scale, I promise I finish the Q4L quilts I've got piling up. Howzat!"
Having to add fuel to the fire, I suggested that Clare join us. And if she could finish the "pile" she has, I would make another quilt for Q4L here in the States. I just got this response back from Clare..." I have 6 requests, but 7 quilts (twins - very sad) plus one for Bumblebeans
Basics = 8. One top already done, or it may be 2. Put me down for 9
to cover it and the challenge starts WHEN AND ONLY WHEN Michelle
finishes her 10!"
Having a senior moment, plus the excitement of such a "situation", I'm not totally clear(in my head) if Clare is pledging to finish by NYE, or start once Michele accomplishes her goal. I'm sure she will be letting me know...LOL
And remember gals, I'm NOT the one putting pressure on you to have FINISHES...that lovely task is up to each of us, for ourselves!! Happy stitching everyone! Hugs for all!!******Clarification: Clare will hit her pile of Q4L as she stated, IF AND WHEN Michele completes her 10 challege pledged projects. AND then, if Clare completes hers, I've pledged another Q4L, to be given here in the States.

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Scrappy quilter said...

Woo hoo, more challenges. I'm loving this and getting quite a bit of quilting done.

One SBS half quilted this morning. Now it's time to put the quilting aside for the day and head into the city for a church celebration tonight. Hopefully I'll have this quilt finished tomorrow night.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Ha! Whose got the situation, here?

Clare will ONLY meet her goals IF and WHEN mine are all finished!

And if I am not mistaken, her message board friend, Nancie has met Clare's pledge....again, with the starting point.

Oh, the pressure is like a storm front moving in with tornado warnings throughout my house and a hurricane in my sewing room.

And to top it all off, on the afore mentioned message board, Clare has further insinuated that I am 'mad' in the English woman living in France version of 'crazy'! She has thrown down the sewing glove and I have picked it up!

So, Finn...YOU fired me up, you set off the firing gun flare, but I'm huffing and puffing dragging these two women on my ankles as I am sweating away at my sewing machine, dragging it, them and my 10 projects along.

Thank heavens for Carol, and the other valiant woman on your link list.They're working all on their own and not betting on me flailing and failing and collapsing before I hit the finish line. How many days did you say I have left????

Angie said...

ROFL at Michele's comment. What a HOOT! :D I was just looking at your previous post and your quilt, Finn, you've gotten back in the saddle with your piecing and I AM SOOOOO GLAD!!! :) Hugs, Angie

Rosalyn Manesse said...

What a funny picture! Reminds me of all the Thanksgiving fuss people love to make.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Put me down for the challenge! I've got a flannel scrap quilt started and I hope to get it finished by New Year 2011

Clare said...

OMG! This is getting so totally out of control and I'm roaring with laughter at Michele's comment

Yes. Only IF Michele meets her goal within the time limit will I take up the challenge.

Dear Finn. You really are a great one for bringing us all together.

BTW for everyone else. I promise I'm not mad. I just happen to be a long time online friend of Michele and Finn.

Scrappy quilter said...

Now what's a Q4L? Explain please.

Scrappy quilter said...

Okay I now found out what Q4L are. Just to make this even more fun, if Michele finishes her challenge, Claire finishes her quilts, Finn finishes her Q4L I'll make and donate a Q4L to be given in Canada.

YankeeQuilter said...

I wills "sweeten the post" and pledge one more Q4L if and when Michele...through Finn finishes...