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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A tutorial for Anonymous & WIP Wednesday(on Thursday, as usual)....

As the world turns, some quilters are in 'fine form'. For me, it's "Finn Form" and that includes my WIP being one day's getting to be a habit I think...LOL
Anonymous requested that I re-publish the tutorial on burp cloths. For anyone whose done a tutorial, you know how many pictures you take and how much you have to write up and explain....SOOOOOO....I changed the wording on the label. You WILL now find the burp cloth tutorial right under Ebony's picture on the righthand side bar. Just click on it, and it will take you to April 13, 2007 when I published it...hollar if you have other questions *VBS*Now for my latest oldie but goodie!! Started this back in the early 2000 somethings. It'a from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, August 1997. The article showed 4 different layouts for quilts with HST's. This is the one that appealed to me, altho I have to confess to altering the piecing. Theirs was called Homeward Bound, and had 4 HSTs next to the bigger square. I just didn't like that connecting triangle, so I substituted in a 2.5" square of the background color.
I call mine "Country Roads". I've finished making the necessary 64 blocks, and have begun laying them out. The first row is joined up, but that's all so far.
The blocks finish at 8", so I should have a top that is about 64" square. If anyone wants to see the original layout, I can scan my copy of the page. I often make a zerox copy of the page I'm working from and then write in 'my stuff' with a pen. Plus it's easier to have just that one sheet(or more)of paper in the bag or tote along with the fabrics.
Thanks for all the ocngratulations and good wishes on grandson # 10 *VBS*