Thursday, December 29, 2005

OK Tonya, here is the first row of my freeform fans. I think I go from 6 arcs in the first one to only 4 in the last one..LOL. Probably cause I can't really see how many I did previously..but it's practice..right *VBG*??? Posted by Picasa


Tonya R said...

Finn, it looks GREAT!!! I'm so thrilled you are doing this! I'm getting my cranky witches back out too, now that I'm finished up with all my other projects.

Different number of fans in units is a-okay. If you are worried about it (which I doubt) you can just add another partial couple of arcs on top of the shorter units or just do even MORE arcs on the unit that you do above this one. If that makes any sense. It's all very forgiving.

Yes, it's practise, but I bet it won't bother you at all when you are done with the whole quilt, Once you see how good it looks I bet you wouldn't mind if you do that on a quilt that isn't practise.

Thanks for showing me your progress - like the backing fabric too.

Dawn said...

Oh Finn, I was just on my way to haul mine out. Bonnie inspired me again with all her little quilts she basted! They were just too cute!

The faces on this fabric are just too funny!

Ok - going to go try my first row!

The Calico Cat said...

nice! (I miss cut a cat square, I am going to border her, baste her and learn to fan quilt her! Soon...)