Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday, Dec. 20th..gray and warmer in WI today. We are actually above zero degrees...7, is what I heard on the news. Regarding yesterdays post...yes, I wondered also, "how in the world do you get shot in the hand?" Maybe by someone else? Boggles my mind..also, the "other than that" comment..LOL. Dawn said she had been wondering about these vintage pictures. They are old postcards Dawn..they used to be called "penny postcards". Not sure if they cost a penny, but you could mail someone a greeting or a message for a penny.I think they were used because not everyone could afford a telephone. Not much we can do with a penny these days. Do some of you remember when you could get candy for a penny? Not just a piece of gum from the gumball machines, altho that time is gone also....but an actual piece of candy. We had a little Mom and Pop grocery store across the street from where I grew up. If you had a nickle you could get alot of candy, by buying the penny candy. Two rootbeer barrels for a penny, 2 of those little marshmellow topped cones..made to look like minature ice cream cones..I like those..*G* Mary Janes..the forerunner of Bit O Honey, suckers of all sorts, jaw breakers, bubble gum, and a little black baby or child that was black, and had anise flavoring...those were 10 for a penny and would be totally unacceptable today. Probably a forerunner of Gummi bears. This time of year you could get ribbon candy, or candy canes 2 or 3 for a penny. The little brown bags they had just for this purpose filled nicely as you spent your nickle. We actually got to go behind the counter and pick our candy in my little store. Then Mr. D, the owner, dumped it on the counter and made sure you had what you were paying for...LOL..his wife just trusted us not to cheat. To this day, if I am filling a bag with ?? for a $1- I feel compelled to "show" the owner that I have just what I am suppose to have. Isn't it odd how things like that stay with you? Like manners, lessons from early childhood seem to influence how we live our lives. Posted by Picasa


The Calico Cat said...

And you can tell who did not get "Home training...."

Nice memories - thanks for sharing.

Joanne said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Finn! The parents of a kid in my class had a little penny candy store right next to the grade school. I don't remember if he sold anything else in there, but I remember the candy counter! 'Course it wasn't easy to scrape together a nickel! vbg

Dawn said...

Isn't penny candy fun - even if it isn't a penny anymore! I still love those little colored dots on a sheet of paper you pick off and eat - pure sugar! And my all time favorite is rock candy!