Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I've been tagged by Carolyn over at Lakeside Quilting, and altho I'm running a few days late, here goes:me-me's...
4 jobs I've had: quilt shop owner, adult ed teacher, surgical tech, receptionist.
4 movies I watch over and over: Out of Africa, Pretty Woman, You've Got Mail, and ALL of Jessica Tandy and Hume Crowyn's films
4 places I've lived: Mississippi, Oregon, Michigan and Wisconsin
4 TV shows you watch: CSI(the original), NCIS, Surviver, and Desperate Housewives
4 websites I visit daily: As many Mavericks and Stash as I can, plus friends
4 foods I love: fried chicken, most chinese, pizza, cold veggie pizza
4 places I'd rather be: Provance, Tuscanny, Glasgow,Killarney
4 albums I listen to: Norah Jones, Windom Hills Solstice, William Ackerman piano,classical music on CD
4 people I'd like to do this:(If you haven't already)Nancy,Sarah,Laurie, and Quilt Pixie


cher said...

nice to know more about you! I live in Oregon currently-really like the PNW...Cher

Sarah said...

Finn - I knew I liked you! I love your movie choices. And I love George Winston music! When did you own a quilt store? I would love to do that some day! Me and Nines want to own a quilt store with a little coffee shop/bakery inside it.