Tuesday, January 31, 2006

QUILT PIXIE asked how I make the m-a-m(mile-a-minute) blocks. So here's my method...friend Betsy had seen this idea years and years ago in a quilt magazine. They are basically the same as Bonnie's "crumbs". Get out the box, bag or basket with your trimmings and small scraps. You can work with bigger scraps, but small is fun. The purple witch is 2.5" high and about 1 .75" wide. The polka dot is a 1.25" strip I cut to make a house yesterday. Position one scrap on top of another in any configuration you like. Could be more slanty or across the top, or on two sides..it's up to you. NO RULES..and you CAN'T do it wrong. I'm shooting for a 6.5" block..it's a size I like to work with. You get lots of variety across the quilt top. You can sew in ribbon, bias tape, printed words from sewing instructions..almost anything. I've seen quilts make from just selvadges..tedious, I'd think, but original. You know...all those names and colored dots along the edge? So here we go...sew, flip, and press. Posted by Picasa


cher said...

great step by step lesson on these blocks...thanks for doing this Finn
they are addicting and the bes user upper of scraps I know!

quiltpixie said...

Thanks Finn! I love the idea of making these crazy quilt blocks and not embellishing them.... 6.5" sounds like a great size, when I've tried 8" crazy quilt blocks I start to get funny corners that need a lot of filling, but 6.5 should be just good.... Maybe I'll try some to make sidewalks in my wonky neighborhood :-)

Patti said...

Love the witch Finn. I can see myself cutting "centers" out of my novelty fabrics and making mile a minute blocks or liberated log cabin blocks around them. Ohhh - I want to go play in my sewing room!

Laurie said...

Awesome pics Finn! Glad you were able to post!! I'll have to give this a try!

Tonya R said...

Excellent tutorial, Finn. I happen to LOVE the halloween fabric - very very fun.
Have to admit, when I work like this I have a hard time letting all those stray bits hang off - I have to whack straight lines with my rotary cutter... See, another instance where you're braver than I am.