Friday, January 06, 2006

Remember these guys??? This 16 made the final cut and will be in the baby quilt. I snapped the pic to send to the DD and friend who bought the fabric. Spent most of the afternoon..well part anyway..adding lattice and posts. Not happy with the posts, they may come be eliminated. Had to have a nap mid afternoon, making up for a restless night the day before. I'll be happy to get this one in the frame and finished. I did quilt another row on the fans last night, only one more to go, I think. Had to stop and watch the new episode of CSI..I'm a die hard fan of the original Thursday night one...not so much the other two. I am finding it quite relaxing to make the fan arcs now, as I get better and better at the spacing and size. Almost ready to do them on a larger quilt..*VBS* Thanks Tonya!! Posted by Picasa


Leah S said...

Oh, I had to put down sewing to watch the new CSI too! And I don't watch the other ones either... just seems like copycats of the Las Vegas one. Did you noticed the gal Allison's sewing machine? I imagine it doesn't really work or anything, but it sure looked like a treasure! :)

Dawn said...

It looks wonderful Finn! I like it!

Sarah said...

Finn -

I like the stars baby quilt! I love all the feature fabrics in the centers of the stars. thanks for sharing!


Laurie said...

Great job on both! I can hardly wait to see the finished baby quilt!

Tonya R said...

I'm with you - the original CSI is fun (tho incredibly unbelievable) but the other two. Nyah. Glad you're enjoying the fans so much and they're getting easier all the time - hurrah.

Holly said...

I love how these turned out. Definately something for me to keep in mind for a future project. So cute!