Saturday, January 07, 2006

Same gray skies this morning, altho they say the sun is out in Mpls/St maybe??? *VBG* There is hope. Also heard this is the 2nd gloomiest Jan. on record..yuk! Today's offering is a little doll quilt. It's about 18" X 20" with the 2 borders. I had worked on a colorwash piece, using 2" squares, and these were leftovers...20 little 4 patches. This may seem odd to you, but to quote Gwen Marston "when in doubt, make 4 patches". You can buy T-shirts at her web page that say that..or at least you used to be able to..not sure if they still have them or not. I got friend Betsy one for christmas one year...*VBG* machine pieced, hand can see the cross hatching..every other square..every squares get crossed, but just once instead of twice. Posted by Picasa


Lucy said...

I love the little quilt ! Nice to make hè ! Your handquilting is so neat. Do you have also a picture where I can see the whole little tiny quilt :c)

Dawn said...

Oooooo - those are my colors Finn!!!! I like! I like!

The Calico Cat said...

I have that little cow print on the bottom row - just 1 nickel for my "I spy" quilt.... :o)

Peggy said...

Now a doll quilt I just might be able to make. I meant to take pictures of quintin and gabby's quilt squares. They both wanted to learn to sew so I started them on squares that I pinned together for them. Gabby's was barbie and quintins was batman designs. They were doing pretty good only had to take out a few stitches in the beginning.

Tropical Screamer said...

What a pretty quilt, Finn.

I'd love to sit and run my hand over it and "see" the stitching.

What a great quilting idea, too.


Bonnie said...

I love the doll quilt! They are just the right size for a pic me up......and they just make you smile!


Laurie said...

That is a neat doll quilt. Great job!

susan said...

I really like this one, too! You have such original ideas, you are very creative! Thanks for sharing.