Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The best way to appreciate this quilt is in person...LOL..but since that's not an option, here's the side view. As you can see the date was 1993. Audrey home's was part of our "quilt walk meeting" for my guild, the June meeting every year. The pillow close to the edge of the bed is an applique of 3 nuns, in motion, not sure how that fit into Audrey's womens study, but it did. Posted by Picasa


Patty said...

well good old polyester actually came out pretty good there. My mother in law made us a quilt for our wedding present, you guessed it, all polyester, scraps from dresses she made. I love the old thing.

Linda_J said...

That is too fun! I beat the quilt walk folks get a huge kick out of it too.

Darcie said...

What a fun quilt...full of character!

Sometime in the future Finn, could you share about your Quilt Walk? Sounds interesting.