Saturday, July 08, 2006

A rainy day in Valley town...and a nice cool, damp breeze blowing in from the southeast as I sit here at my computer. The sky is light off to the north, so I suspect the rain is just passing by. Our lawns are brown where I live, and "no burn" signs and warnings are everywhere. I think all of our rain fell out east a week or so ago. But what we are getting today will help.
This is one of those "promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep" days, week, month. I'm hoping that after mid July things will slow way down. I haven't managed to make it back to my teapot as yet, maybe today.
There seems to be an epidemic of "scrap" cutting and pattern finding going on in our corner of blogland. Patti, over at has found some really neat patterns for scraps at Quilter Cache and shared the links right from her page. And Linda J., at had listed the index according to alphabet. Linda J. always has great new scrap ideas to share with us. Today she has a really great quilt that her mom has recently made!!! Way to go Elsie!! I love it..*VBS* I love that the lattice between the squares is scrappy too! Vicky at has jumped into the cutting frenzie and her scraps are scurrying for their lives...between Vicky and Daisy..things are movin' LOL
I especially like what Dot at decided to make a Strip Twist using colors for the holiday we just celebrated earlier this's awesome. She kept on set of blocks in blues and the other one in red and cream or white. Great idea, and it visually seperates different than my scrappy ones. I like it! Still could do it in scraps, just keeping to those 3 colors.
Lucy at working scrappy most of the time, and has a new idea started with the feather star pattern. I was reading back in her March archives yesterday, and again so inspired by her sampler quilt from the shop where she works.
She hasn't shown us any new blocks for it lately, but it's going to be a beauty. I had forgotten they are about 7" blocks, she says. Lots of pieces in just 7" Lucy!! Seem like I remember that Laura at had something scrappy yesterday, but of course, I've forgotten what..*G* I'll have to go and have another look..*VBS*
I write myself all these notes and pattern ideas on post a notes, and by the end of the week I have a STACK of them, and can't remember why I wrote that down..LOL Just another senior moment I guess..*G*


dot said...

Wow, Finn, thanks for keeping us all informed. I am going to be busy researching all these neat sites you mentioned. Take things slow and don't put to much pressure on yourself. HAve a great week-end.

Judy said...

Excellent links Finn, you always make my computer time extend when I have links to see from your blog! Good cathces and mentions!!

Maggie Ann said...

Dear Finn, I can identify with the senior moments. And...I just finished reading a Miss Read book I've never read before..."Village Christmas". Have you read this one? Its a skinny little thing but hugely endearing. I'm loathe to take it back to the library...*vbg* but of course I will. Next book to read is 'The Tale of Holly How' by Susan Wittig Albert. I enjoyed the first of this series. Well, I am supposed to be practising my cello and am not. I drag my feet getting started and then don't want to quit when I do play...shaking my head at myself! Just made cream puffs again...they looked so beautiful and I was so proud and then.....they deflated. Are they supposed to do that?? Wishing you a blessed Sunday my friend!