Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blocks in the mail..*VBS*

more treasures to add to my pile of Blog-a-versary squares *S* The center one is from Sue at Magpie's Nest, W.WA, The dark fabric is a print of a computer's mother board...LOL. Perfect Sue!!Thank you so much for sending one..*VBS*
The left and right ones are both from Sharon B. in FL. She blogs at Quazeequilts, (for which I will have to find the addy). I'm not quite sure why I got 2, but I love them both, and will use them BOTH! Thanks Sharon! Your piecing is just beautiful and what great fabrics!

Second picture is a sewing picture..please don't tell my Mom...I play hooky for part of each day(that I'm suppose to be acting like an adult) and sew on SOMETHING! The pile of 5" charm blocks was handy, so I began cutting and adding the HST's to each side. Got 23 done in this batch, but then 'labor' caught up with me, and I went back to 'work'...*VBG* But look.... how cute is that little alien in the 3rd pic?? How could I resist his tempting calls to be used??? I couldn't.
On the good news front...part(I repeat PART) of the packages went out today. I'm hoping to have the rest in the mail tomorrow...except for the overseas ones. I picked up the customs forms today. AND we got our hot weather!
IRegarding work, I do know my job. I know it well....it's to inspire and encourage and cheer you on. Doing the performing part takes a bit longer...LOL

P.S. Blogger did respond to my pleas the very next day, but in checking saw that WE had resolved it ourselves..*VBS* Hurray for Michele and my blogger friends!!!


Katie said...

I've always encouraged you to play with fabric but now I want more "work". Actually, I'm confused because your quilting also "inspires, encourages and cheers" me on. Whatever it is, just keep playing and working. "VBG"

dee said...

I love coming here in the morning to see what's up!Wow!!! I'm afraid to send you anything-it looks like you have so much on your hands-what fun though. I don't have your address so I'll leave it up to you. If you want more blocks shoot me an e-mail with it and I'll add a couple more to the pile. This is really fun. You've got me looking in nooks and crannies I haven't visited for too long. Unfortunately I keep finding things I've totally forgotten about. (hiding my head in shame)

atet said...

What fun blocks -- and that little alien NEEDED to be used. It was crying out for it. Really. (and I won't tell that you've been playing if you don't tell on me!)

Libby said...

There's just nothing like having fun with fabric - play, play, play *s*

Henrietta said...

Here is a handy link for you my friend:


Print out your customs forms at home and then go here:


and schedule for your carrier to come and pick up your packages at your door. It is a free service and the only requirement is you have at least one package be Priority or premium service (overseas counts)

If you don't have a postal scale email me and I will send you a little old vintage one.

Sonnja said...

What a nice Blocks!
Kind regards,

Sonnja from the Netherlands.