Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A list from Jeanne....

and hopefully it will 'paste' in here! Jeanne at Luv 2 Stitch, who gathered the blocks for my blog-a-versary, mailed a list of those whose blocks I have...and oh my! I certainly did BUTCHER some of those names and blog names...sorry. A combination of my poor vision and reading what was written on fabric, usually in quite small lettering. Hope this helps...once this is here, I will post the last of the block pictures from this batch..*VBS* Sounds like I have quite a few more coming!!
No luck on the cutting and pasting from the email..probably just as well...LOL. Here are the names, spelled correctly.

Nadine at Friendship Threads
Jeanne at Luv 2 Stitch
Nancy at Quilting Fitzy
Jen at Hedgehog
Teodo at Appunti Patch
Donna at Chookyblue
Anne at Quiltoholic
Connie at Simply Quilted
Rose at Threadbare
Tanya at Taniwa
Tracey at Oz Country Quilting Mum
Simonetter at My Quilted Dream
Anne Heidi at Piece by Piece
Brenda at Pieces from me
Pam at Pam's Pages
Bea at Capricorn Quilts
Yvonne at Quilting Down The Stairs
Fiona at Scraps In Progress
Patti at Quilting is my Passion
Gudrun at Gudrun
Kathie, my dear blogless friend *VBS*

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