Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Valley at just before 6...Thursday a.m....

My but it feels good to be 'almost' back to normal! Similar to having surgery, I'm feeling like I 'lost a day' out of my life..*VBS* I might have made better progress if I could have stayed at it straight through, but as luck would have it, I was invited to Betsy's for lunch yesterday. Of course I abandoned the woes, and went!! We had a lovely show and tell of her new quilts (2), actually 3, with the one in the Q-snap! A great lunch of homemade cheese and fresh bread, and caught up on the news. She and DH have been on 'the go' quite alot this summer, including planning an 85th birthday party(in Philadelphie) for her mom. That's coming in Sept...big event!
AND...I asked for and got help getting the new little Jamone UP AND RUNNING! We filled bobbins, and I used Betsy's eagle eyes to help with directions and getting it threaded for the first time. It sews like a champ! You wouldn't think something so small would work like a machine, but it does. It only has one speed...if you ease back on the foot petal, it stops. If you try to go faster, ya right...LOL! The seam is just slightly wider than 1/4" but not a 3/8"...not bad. Stitch adjusting is easy and the bobbins hold lots!
As you can imagine, Betsy almost fell off her chair when I reach into my tote bag and lifted it out with one hand...LOL
Anyway....the pictures! Dream state brought me UP and OUT of slumber very rapidly this a.m., and altho I wasn't really ready to be up before 6, I WAS. I opened the door for Ebby to check the morning, and off to the north east, a fire ball burned in the midst of the trees. Even with zoom I'm not doing it justice...quite breathtaking.
And of course, the glory of the windowboxes...even with the day still dark behind them....shades of summer in WI...*VBS*
Farmer's market today, I got more goodies! Several containers of cukes to make some refrigerator pickles, and 3 cartons of raspberries for 2 batches of freezer jam!! Some potatoes, zuchinni and onions. Did my grocery shopping and other errands. The weekend is almost upon us again, and I'll be busy!! Two quilts got washed and dried...nice and fluffy and free of cathair. Lots of 'same old, same old', but after yesterdays fiasco, it felt good to me!!!


Quilting Journey said...

Congratulations on getting both YOU and the Janome off and running. Beautiful flowers and a fireball to greet you...goodness. Bet Ebby is happy to have things settling back down and all of the gremlins chased out. But now she has her work cut out for her...getting more cat hair back on those clean quilts *VBG* to you!

homemakerkate said...

sorry i have been off the radar for a while, i was busy having a pity party, much better now. I have two machines, an expensive Brother and my Janome. I love my janome. she is a bit tempermental with tension sometimes but otherwise runs like a charm. can I send you a block too?? I would love to be able to add one if you'd like. Colder weather here in the U.P. today. Terrible hot on its way. hugs to you

atet said...

You know what? I love days when I don't feel like I am putting out fires all of the time. A nice, normal day without deadlines and/or problems. What bliss! Here's to more of "same 'ole, same 'ole"!

mamaspark said...

Glad to hear that you are better. I think your gremlins were here last night. I kept hearing someone walking in the hallway when no one was there. Maybe it was my old cat visiting or my neighbors deceased dog, Fred. He has been known to visit us since his passing and so has the cat.