Sunday, September 30, 2007

The down slope of September...

yup....6 hours and 16 minutes, and it will be October! Are you ready???? I've stood on this down slope every September for 66 years *VBS* And I'm still thrilled and excited to know that TOMORROW is October. Guess that truly makes me an October child, right??The countdown to my birthday officially begins at 12:01 !

Michele at A Quilting Journey(see sidebar) tagged me for a 'me-me' of sorts. She has the explaination of what a me-me is on her blog. I settled for thinking it was self explainatory(i.e. the very word "me-me", must be about me *VBG* In this one you describe yourself via the spelling of your name. One word for each letter....LOL
So, are you ready for a double-dose? My Mom DIDN'T name me 'Finn', so I'll have to play fair and use that baptismal name: Sylvia Here goes:
S ~ sweet
Y ~ youthful
L ~ lovable
V ~ valient
I ~ intelligent
A ~ artistic

and also: Finn

F ~ fun
I ~ impish
N ~ nice
N ~ nusiance

And I get to tag YOU( X 5) to play along.....I tag Katie(in Michigan), Coleen(So.Africa),
Darcie(in N. Dakota..thanks for the storm on thursday!), Jenny(in Canada-Blogland),
Nadine(in Belgium). All these gals are on my sidebar..*VBS*


QuiltingFitzy said...

Not one to nit-pick...

V is for?

Very sweet
Very youthful
Very lovable
Very vivacious
Very artistic

Many, many hugs!


McIrish Annie said...

I can't believe that you have had Ebby for a year! Time flies when you are having fun! She has turned into a real quilter's companion.

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Marcie said...

Catching up on your blog Sylvia. You know that name will never catch on in blogland, you are too well known as Finn! Happy anniversary to Ebby-such a cutie! Also, I love your Boo-Bear! Plus all the quilts you are displaying.

andsewitis Holly said...

How *did* you come to be known as Finn, Finn? I think it is such a neat name.