Thursday, October 04, 2007

Busy days, busy week....

certainly NOT the leisurely pace I live at normally!! But if the squirrel can do it, so can I!!! *VBS* Trying to finish up some sewing and get a top in the mail...that log cabin top for DD#1. And while I'm doing that, life just keeps interrupting me. The first of the BIRTHDAY luncheons today....LOL, at my age, one is never enough. Due to work schedules, these particular friends were available TODAY it was! And we had a lovely lunch and a spot of shopping to boot! My life will be enriched by a lovely box of Pear Scented soap from Paris, no less, a music box that plays Teddy's Bears Picnic, an optical magnifier, and a vintage Kellogg's Corn Flakes bowl...*VBS*
And it's only the 4th!! By the time my birthday gets here on the 8th, I should be completely OVERWHELMED(as usual) with birthday goodies.
I had a Nana's Sewing Day on Saturday(past) with friends Betsy and Gail. Dottie was suppose to be there also, but she got lost in the preparations for a trip to Greece. All 4 of us will be Grandma's between now and the end of March. Betsy is first with a DGC due in November(her first). Gail will follow with her first in January, my 10th or 11th or??? is due the end of February(DD#2..her first) and Dottie is expecting a new grandchild in March, her 3rd.
So we had a Nana's sewing day to work on baby quilts, and I showed them how to make burp cloths.
I have 15 blocks of my 42 done, and I will show you those hopefully tomorrow. I'm not satified with my initial idea, so the plan will be changing(of course it will *G*).
Gail is doing a quilt from the Quiltmakers Gift, and Betsy is working on a free pattern, from P & B Textiles site, called Under the Big Top.
We had a merry ole time despite the rainy day, and quite a bit got accomplished. Some pumpkin/wild rice soup and homemade apple cake kept us happy *VBS* Hope you are all finding something to keep you happy also. See you later. Hugs, Finn


Sue in western WA said...

Nana's Sewing Day! What fun! And the soup and cake sound lovely, especially on a rainy day :- )

I hope you'll show us that vintage Corn Flakes bowl. Happy birthday my fabulous internet friend!

(Love the poppy quilt!)

Lindah said...

Hello, Finn!
Busy, indeed you are, but nicely busy. I agree. When we are of a certain age,it takes more than one birthday luncheon to do the trick. I'm going to keep that idea handy for mine next May! :-) Love the nana's quilting party idea! You are just full of good ideas! Thanks for sharing them.
Linda H

Quilt Pixie said...

it is good to have friends to be busy with :-)

Barbara C said...

Enjoy all your birthday celebrations. I like it when they last for at leat a week.