Friday, March 28, 2008


The midwest winters REALLY do a 'number' on our highways and byways. It's often said that we have 4 seasons, summer, autumn, winter and POTHOLES! I'm sure you know what I mean...*VBS* My detour isn't because the pavement has collasped or broken away. It's the upcoming birthday of Grandson#8. He'll be turning 5 in early April. And I decided I had JUST enough time to get a top quilted up and bound and in the mail by next week! Ambitious plan for a slow-mover like me *S*. But I got it pinned.And late last evening I started machine quilting it. So far only 2 rows need picking out. So much for 11 p.m. quilting! This is an older project, a larger Quiltville Trip around the World. I divided it into 2 40" X 60" snuggle quilt tops. Went off to Linda J. for WTIL. And when I finish up this top...'s what I have ahead of me this year. These tops hang on the sewing room door...there are 7 or 8 on these hangers...some hangers hold 2 or 3 small wall quilts. I seem to be able to ignore them quite nicely.
Then there are these, another 8 bigger tops, hanging in the stash closet. That's as much room as I have for tops on hangers. The rest are folded neatly into the dresser drawers of the units that support my cutting board. I won't BEGIN to talk about what is in the UFO project bags and boxes *VBS*
Friend Jean's car died an untimely death on Sunday, and she won't be able to secure a new car until next Monday. I've been picking her up(10 miles away) and driving her to work here n the valley, and then doing the reverse trip at 8:30 p.m. when she is finished. I don't mind, ss I have a car, she's a good friend, and I DO have the time. What I didn't realize was how much it breaks up your day...but only a couple more days and she'll be all set *VBS*
Youngest son has just been laid off work for the second time since November(*!@$&!) and is coming 'home' today for some TLC(read "food") and a hug! Lucky me *VBG* There goes my day! Oh well....I'll be back tomorrow with something new to talk about, right??? Hugs for all of you...Finn


Fiesta said...

my closet looks like this too.
My daughter graduates next year and I want to make quilts for her friends as gifts when they go off to college.
I need to make about 10 + 1 for a guy and I have about 5 tops made. I know I should start the quilting process soon but I have to make backs for them and that I do not like to do. At least I make the binding once I finish the top.'
so don't feel bad. when you need a quick gift, it will be ready.

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, wouldn't I just love to dig around in your closet!!! I love the red-white-blue in front, and I really NEED to see the star!

Lucky you, and Lucky son to have a bundle of "security" (read food & hugs)to go home to.

QuiltedSimple said...

You are really inspiring me - to hang tops on hangers!!! I seem to have them stacked up everywhere, and then they get all wrinkly. And what ambition to quilt a top in a matter of a few days - my son turns 5 on April 5th, and I am just finishingh his new quilt (I've been working on it since January). Wish I were half as fast as you!!

andsewitis Holly said...

If you are a slow mover then I move at a snail's pace! I'm glad you showed a picture of your tops hanging on hangers. I never thought to hang mine but now I will. I love picking up tips and ideas from others. Hope the sun is shining where you are!

KCQuilter said...

Boy, can I identify with Pothole Season!!! KC has had a particularly rough winter and my poor car is feeling it. What with the potholes and the price of gas, I think we have good excuses for staying home and quilting LOL!