Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ready??? Set....Switch....

'and like a good neighbor, Daylight Saving Time is here! I'm not ready. I'm never ready. I'm from the set that wishes they would make it all ONE way or the other, and stop the flip-flopping. Flip flopping, in my opinion is highly over rated! Fish do it, and what does it get them??As I promised yesterday, and not really a big deal, here is the first of my Mile A Minute(crumb) quilts. It's fairly small, but it's flannel backed and Jean loved it. What I like best is the royal blue and cheddar together *VBS*. It's utility quilted with perle cotton.
This particular 'oldie-but-goodie' is one I WISH I owned. Actually Jean wished she did also. We worked on this one together, taking a very old top from a closet shelf dweller to a useable bed quilt. The gal who owns it wasn't will to pay for quilting, so Jean and I tied it with a string-like cord, making small inconspicious ties. The tone of the picture is correct. Those blocks that appear faintly pink(as if a photo blur) are actually the colors they appear. This was made by someone who knew what she was doing. And I suspect she was a scrap quilter.
Came across this oldie while looking through old pictures. My three oldest, taken back in 1973-74. The littlest girl is the one who now has the new baby. My oldest DD, who turned 40 last year, and my oldest DS, who will be 39 in a few days *VBS* It is very strange to find your children becoming parents, and even stranger as you see them age.
On the home front, I had lunch with Betsy this week. She tells me that her DGD, who is now 3 months old, is up to 12 pounds. Everyone in that little family is doing well, despite Chicago's snowy winter.
Her amarylis is in full bloom and just beautiful in it's ruby glow. She has hung a new quilt in her dining room, and I MUST get a picture for you. It's wonderful!! She has a new project in the works, a Jacob's Ladder variation that we did together about 10 years back. She loves the 4 in 9 patch that I'm inspired by.
Ebby has been a horrible, awful, terrible bad cat the past few days, I think it's time for spring so I can open a window for her. I think she's got cabin fever! What worked best yesterday was pretending I was deaf and didn't know she was here...LOL


Marcie said...

Your three children could be mine! Almost the same age-two girls with a boy in the middle. Your sons hair is exactly how my sons looked! Such cute kids-yours and mine! I love the 4 in 9-patch too!

julieQ said...

Sweet babies! and now with babies of their own. What has Ebby been up to? She is ready for spring??

Quilt Memories said...

Ebby is just acting like the rest of us feel! We just know we have to play "nice", he will be better in a few days, maybe having a little more daylight will help. Lets hope.
Love the pictures of your children, and yes, our children, having children is just awesome! I love it!!!j

Clare said...

Dear Ebby,

I rule this house with a rod of iron. I never ever let those humans forget who's queen here. In fact I even boss my brother about. I got my bottom smacked for falling asleep on the coffee table the other day so I'm not sleeping on their beds until they say they're sorry.

Puurrrr Miaow
Magic in France

Norma said...

I agree about daylight savings time....and our state doesn't even take part. That leaves me constantly confused as to which relatives are on which time at any given time!! LOL

Love the crumb blocks and that other quilt is wonderful.

Tell Ebby to hang in there.......and maybe you could get some earplugs? LOL

cher said...

lovely quilts Finn-any quilt backed in flannel is extra cozy and yummy to me. old photos...hard to believe how fast our babies grow up and gosh, their babies grow even faster! the daylight time change happened while I was no issues for me changing time gears..I am lucky to know what today is :-) looking forward to Betsy's photo. Ebby must be feeling very at home to give you such a hard time...I am sure she is telling you surely winter is over? let's celebrate!

Nettie said...

What a sweet picture of your kids!
And i love your oldie but goodie quilt, the way the colors flow.