Thursday, April 10, 2008

One of those nights...

..the house is dark and quiet. I long for the soothing flicker of flames burning in an open hearth. Perhaps the kettle singing it's low melody. It would be a wonderful addition to my cottage, a fireplace. But, that is not to be. Outside the weather pounds and thrashes the house. Sleet hits the windows like dozens of tiny BBs..peppering all that it touches in clear, cold iceness. Rather strange, since the weatherman was sure it was either rain or snow in this storm. The winds began in the morning, a whoosh, a gust, a rattling sign, and then nothing. Early afternoon brought the first sprinkles of rain. By 3, it was rain mixed with snow and that has continued into evening. But now, all gentleness is gone, and the storm rages against my little house. A sudden flash of light, and a big boom. Apparently this apperation is also a thunderstorm . It definitely has my attention. It is so very worrysome to my head. My heart is peaceful, but my head gets anxious. If I just had that flickering firelight to sooth me... *S* Well next best thing is a mug of tea, and so I put on the kettle to boil. Minutes later I have my mug of Chamomile tea, sweetened with a spoonful of honey. Not nearly enough for Pooh, but perfect for me. And then to find a place for my head to 'go'...Some place green and quiet. The only green to be found in WI right now is either indoors or my scrapbag of memories... I pull out the old River Road. A place that is as much a state of mind as a physical thing. The ancientness of the glacier cuts through bed rock, the winding path, now called pavement, that follows the river.
By rights, the Eau Galle should not be called a river. It's bigger than 'just pretend' but too small to be significant in a place that edges the Mighty Mississippi. Wisconsin and Minnesota know water. We know rivers and have lakes galore. The glaciers left lots of opportunity behind. And then there is Lake Michigan and Lake THAT is significant water.
For now, I'll take my little Eau Galle, which will rise and rage yet this springtime, pretending to be something she's not. She'll float old styrofoam containers, a tree or two, lots of lost lumber, and other debris. It will pile up against the bridges that cross her, and litter the banks for miles and miles all down stream. She wanders until she meets up with that rogue Red Cedar, and together they flow on to the mighty Chippewa, the river of my youth. The Chippewa flows into the Mississippi and so it goes.
But for tonight, after a rather 'up and down' day, I think I'll take my mug of tea, and lift my 'cuppa' to my friends. I salute you, and think about all the lovely green that will come when winter finally gives and spring really arrives.
Over at Libby's house, she's got fresh blueberry cream cheese bread, and Norma has a new secret stash of Cherry Mash candy. Katie is harboring a large slew of 'apples'(altho not exactly eating apples...LOL) all those blogs and so many more, have fun things happening right here in blogland...*VBS*


Teresa said...

It is nice to escape to places of refuge when raging storms appear in our lives - emotionally and physically. I enjoyed reading your blog this morning - had a calming affect on what was starting out a stressful day.

Yvonne said...

I enjoyed your post as well. I do hope Spring come along soon.

QuiltedSimple said...

Thanks for the calming effects of your blog - very enjoyable reading!!

Amelia said...

Your words paint a beautiful picture!

Amelia in Oklahoma

Libby said...

It's coming - spring is really coming . . . just a little sooner to us who don't have the fun of playing in the snow *s*