Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Orphan blocks...Part 5

moving right along. Are you with me? *VBS* It's time to join up the rows. Since quite a few of these blocks are already sewn into vertical rows, I'll finish this one first. I've decided the Amish Friendship stars are too bright for this top. Out they go! A new destiny awaits them!
 But now I need more blocks to fill in their space. Width doesn't matter, all I have to do is get enough rows to equal WTIL's 40" requirement(width). I already have the 60" length accomplished. Easy Peasy!
 I keep one Rubbermaid just for orphan blocks and other odd bits. I make alot of variable stars(sawtooth stars is what I call them). Sometimes the points just don't come out right, or are the wrong color. Into the orphans they go. Fast and easier to make a new one. Today I'm digging for things with a tannish background, avoiding very light ones.I think I have enough dug out in that pile up above. Next I'll start matching to see what will fit where. Onward!
 Quite a few of you commented about this particular star. I suppose it's different to use many backgrounds. I had a bundle of Amish jewel tones(FQs) from an almost LQS, Windmill Quilting in Baldwin, WI. The shop has since gone out of business. I used those FQs in this project. It's a slightly DIFFERENT friendship star because of the size of the squares in proportion to each other. The BACKGROUND sq. is a 3"s. Normally you'd be making a HST for the star point. Not in this one...the STAR POINT is a 2" sq.(use the sew and flip method). It's out of proportion to the block, but does give the star a different look. If you are ever wondering about something like that, just ask *VBS*.
The only donations in this top are the all fabric strip(a trim-off from a Betsy backing, and the rectangles, sewn into rows, are from Gypsy Quilter, San. Thanks San!
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QuiltedSimple said...

This quilt is going to be fabulous. Guess I need to start making some orphan blocks so I have some - I have always ripped apart and resewn mine - better quit that now. How inspiring to see this come together,
thanks much,

Greenmare said...

oh I love your orphan tutorial. One of these days........ and the little funky friendship star is great!

meggie said...

Your Orphan blocks all look such fun, & they make wonderfully interesting quilts.

Granny Lyn said...

I love the scrappy look of it, the mixture is the art of it, color, designs, and the lines of the strips bring it all together, absolutely devine.

Speaking of devine, I see a peek of the rug in the background, did you ever show us the finished work of art?

Katie said...

Thanks for confirming that some blocks/rows need to be removed for another quilt. Your orphans are looking so pretty as they play together.

Linda_J said...

I think I saw something like this and in as many colored mixed once in a Fons and Porter magazine issue. At any rate it is a fun, fun block.