Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunny Sunday pieces...

and welcome sunshine it is *VBS* My part of WI is still swinging wildly between seasons. 80 degrees one day and 50 the next. But the grass is green, flowers are blooming and the season of blizzards is past(I hope!) Part of my loot from the shopping trip with Betsy. The stripe is for a narrow inner border on that Country Roads quilt top. The piece of cheddary yellow is 'just because'.
 My main purchase was these 6 quarter yard pieces of Pat Spaeth reproduction fabrics to 'piece' out what I have. As you can see they are for the Prairie Children doll quilts. I was sadly lacking anything remotely pink, and new lights are always welcome.
 Betsy and I had a wonderful, altho brief shopping trip. Lunch was chinese, a new place for me...yummy! We hit only one fabric shop, but that's ok. My rug is out to 20", and from all reports I've heard, my students are doing much better than that! Norma, at Random Stitches is making one, as is Leslie at Pieceful Moments. Today I see that Granny Lyn, at Just Granny's has begun an oval rug *VBS* Everyone is doing so well with them...I'm very proud of all of you!!
 And here is the weekends work....5 paks of 9 wax begonias each to plant in my flower boxes and bots. It's that time again *VBS*
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Granny Lyn said...

The fabric is beautiful, the stripes remind me of some that I"ve been working with :-)

My rug is growing by miles, I have to cut new strips.
and of course, your begonias are gorgeous, darlingk, (typed with a German accent)
hugs acros the pond,

meggie said...

Love the stripes & the cheddar!
I am all for brights, the repro dont appeal to me. Have I committed a sin, but admitting that??haha.
Begonias are lovely & cheery!

Quilt Memories said...

Love the fabrics and the flowers. What pretty boxes you will have before long and can't wait ti see what beautiful little quilots yo decide to make. Take care, Bobbin aka J

Sara said...

Love the fabrics, the flowers are beautiful and I am defiantely going to have to try to make a rag rug.

cher said...

I am working my way back in reading your posts Finn and love the flowers for your pots and flower boxes-oh! rugs...I still plan on making one too-yours looks great.