Saturday, June 28, 2008

and what the birdie saw....

She's off to the window. It's only one short jump from the tissue paper to "her" stool.
 Whatever it is merits a closer look.Maybe a bird(or that Super Cat from down the block.
 Wjatever it was is totally "ho hum" in cat viewing criteria, she's back to the tissue for more 'anger management exercises'.
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OK.. exhaused by ALLLLL that work, the snooze button kicks on and she nods off until the next event. That would be when Mom walks to the kitchen!
Nothing quilty to show today, altho I've been playing with little strings and I hope to have something closer to a "top" by tomorrow. Lattice being added to a different old project, and plans for letters as a border, if I can remember how those go...LOL.
Drove to Eau Claire today to see 2 of the 10 little indians I call my grandsons. We had a nice lunch and a couple of good games of UNO. Lots of granny hugs and kisses for the chocolate chip cookies I took, fresh from the oven *VBS* I can tell you the cookies WEREN'T the sweetest thing there today *VBS*

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