Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finn's busting her buttons.......*VBS*

at the wonderful progress of the gals who are crocheting with fabric strips! I've been making "rag rugs"(or rugs from fabric strips since I don't use 'rags') for almost 2 years now. I've been asked many times "how do you do that?", so I finally wrote a tutorial in early May.My friend Norma jumped on board right away with cut green fabric strips. That was May 6th. She did a great job with her first attempt...but she didn't like it.
She ripped out the green, and went to work with assorted scraps...a new beginning on May 8th. Grandson Colin sat by her side as she hand stitched strips together and then crocheted them. She's HAND STITCHED all of the strips together ever since. Colin is her constant advisor and cheerleader. Needless to say, he LOVES what his Granny Norma is doing.
By May 25th, Norma had completed her first round crocheted rug!! And guess who got to carry the rolled up rug home that day??? *VBS* Colin is the proud new owner of that first rug *VBS* Way to go Norma!!! I'm so proud of you. And did you know, Colin has a big sister?? Yup, a little sweetie named Julia, who is also a big fan of things Granny Norma makes.
No surprise that Norma got right to work with a "special" order purple rug for Granddaughter Julia *VBS* This is how much progress she had made by June 6th. I'm not sure of the size on this one, but Colin's finished at 32". The size you make one of these is up to you...entirely! It's nice to have executive control *VBS*


Norma said...

I am blushing............thanks Finn for helping me find another fabric habit to keep me happy.

The fact that the kids love their rugs makes me even happier. I hope to be making some powderful memories of their fabric addicted Nana for those two. Now DD would just like her quilt.......even a start would be encouraging at this point.

Amelia said...

You have had such a positive influence on these people..you should be proud of yourself. They have turned out such pretty rugs.


QuiltedSimple said...

You wrote a wonderful tutorial - I can't wait to try it - and are so helpful and cheerful - thanks so much for all you write!!!

Greenmare said...

oh these are fabulous! maybe you should sponsor a rug making retreat???? count me in?

Barbara C said...

I love the look of scrappy rugs, but I've also set aside a set of my son's worn out sheets to cut fabric strips for a rug. I think these are such beautiful and frugal projects.

Granny Lyn said...

I'm keeping my eye out for more curtains and sheets to make more! I'm addicted.

Myra said...

Scrappy Rugs, something I am definitely going to have to try one day.... when I have caught up on all my UFOs!!! 8-)
Happy stitching...or should I say hooking? 8-)

Karen said...

Your encouragement has certainly spurred some people to try the rug crocheting. Have you ever tried the Aunt Philly's toothbrush rug method? I bought the booklet and tool but that is as far as I have gotten and that was the easy part.

meggie said...

You are an inspiration more often than you know, Finn. I am sure not everyone tells you how you have fired their imagination.
Thankyou for kickstarting me on several occasions!