Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's pieces.......

Its hard to believe the whole week has passed already, and it's Friday again. I've had a busy week, with lots of sewing and a fair amount of cleaning accomplished. I've taken this UFO to the next stage. The last two lattices were added and the outer border. I was prepared to set it aside, bit DD#1 decided she likes this one better than the newly begun October baby quilt, onward to get this one tied and bound I guess...sigh.
  While blog hopping earlier this week, I came across Libby, making little checkerboard quilts from her scrap basket. For me, that's like putting a piece of cheese in front of a mouse! I had a little baggie from Gypsy Quilter San. The triangles were all in the baggie, cut but unsewn. I couldn't resist having a little "Libby-style" play time. This little quilt is about 6" X 7". I'll do a quick baste and have it for one of my teddy bears or a little doll *VBS*.
 When I posted the Odd Fellows All quilt earlier this week as UFO #2, I mentioned it had been an "ongoing" project. Quilt Pixie picked up on that statement and idea. So I thought I'd elaborate a bit more about my method. When asked what kind of quilter I am, I would have to reply "a scrappy, but traditional quilter". It was so in the beginning and over the 30 years, it hasn't changed. Most of the time that means I don't follow a set of directions or specific pattern to reach an outcome. I make some of those kind of quilts, such as Bonnie's Orange Crush quilt, or the new Tobacco Road. Mostly I end up choosing a "block" I like, such as log cabin, bow tie, flying geese, or the fungly block 'Jacks on six'.
 Once I've chosen a block to make, its just a matter of making lots of that block from all sorts of scrap fabric(mostly). I pull from stash as needed, mostly for backing or borders. What I do next is establish a ziplock(and eventually a rubbermaid) for that quilt-to--be. Then as I cut scraps, I cut specifically for THAT quilt as well. I have alot of scraps, and as I whip them into useable shapes and form, I was cutting bigger scraps into a 6" square to become hourglass blocks. It's an on going process. What's in the last two pictures, are the "process". I'm cutting for the fungly blocks, a pile of left over 3.5" HST that will wander into an orphan quilt in works, the 3" 4 patches for Tobacco Road and a stack of odds and ends(3" squares)that will become a Disappearing 9 patch eventually. Because I have all the time in the world, I can cut for as many as I've a mind to. If your sewing time is more limited, you might want(like Quilt Pixie) to simple cut for ONE other quilt top *VBS*
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Julie said...

I, too, am a scrap/traditional quilter. I like your method! I've started doing the same process of cutting scraps and using baggies/tubs for organization. My biggest hang-up when doing the cutting is that I'm hesitant to cut up the strips that Bonnie recommends. I'm just so wishy washy deciding whether to cut squares or triangles.

Do you organize into shapes only or do you also sort by color family?

BusyLittleQuilter said...

Your quilt is gorgeous. I love star quilts.

Your cutting method sounds great. Right now I just sort my scraps by color. I have so many! I wish I would have started a long time ago organizing it better in order to create scrappy quilts.

Quilt Pixie said...

I think your system of cutting for other quilts "fits" me better then Bonnie's system of cutting paritcular sizes and storing them -- for me the challenge would be wanting to still make the particular quilt I'd collected peices for -- I seldom make multiple blocks, and am not nearly as good as you at "sticking with my plan" -- I might want hourglass blocks this month, but by the time I've cut a bunch and stored it, I'll have moved from wnating hourglass to deciding that a slightly different size/shape for snail's trail would be better... or some such :-) Glad it works for you though, and can see how I can adapt it for me, and like you
"I don't follow a set of directions or specific pattern to reach an outcome." :-)

Amelia said...

It is so great to be able to quilt and not have to follow rigid rules...I have had enough rules in my life (and I followed them) but with quilting it is my quilt and I can make up the rules...oft times as I go along. I quilt to suit myself...if you happen to like it that is fine...if not - that is your problem....I don't mean that to be hateful or is just that it is my creation so I can do what I want.

Have a great weekend...


Clare said...

I admit that I do tend to cut for the current WiP, but any surplus does get used up along that long quilting road.

Don't use too many reds - I had another request today. Are you up for it?

*VVB hugs*

Miss Jean said...

I'd love to join your group! Put me down to "attempt" to complete five projects.

em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for sharing your method. I'm a scrap quilter at heart and it was great to hear how you make your scraps usable. You are doing great with the challenge. I'm hope slow but steady will win my race. Got Happy Trails pinned for quilting today.

Sharon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, Finn. I've read your blog for about 2 years now, but just lurking. I really like your star quilt. Very cute. But I LOVE your little doll quilt! I'm a sucker for both plaids and doll quilts! And thanks for telling how you cut your scraps for various projects. I'm trying to use Bonnie's process, but with some alterations for my style.
I too am a scrappy quilter that (mostly) makes it up as I go along. I think that's lots more fun! And it sometimes makes for more scraps! I used to follow all the rules, but that's kind of gone out the window. No rules in my quilt studio!

Lyn said...

Hello Finn, I think I should be ashamed.When I finish making a project, my leftover fabric goes in a shopping bag and I donate it to the local hospital group.After reading your post, Finn, I need to rethink my scraps. Regards Lyn

meggie said...

Hi Finn, Just catching up here. You know I love your scrappy quilts, & your funglies are never really fugly! haha.
I do get inspiration from you.

Granny Lyn said...

I am soooo much a scrappy quilter, and I could not find my way out of my own kitchen with a pattern, so I'm not sure if I'm traditional or not, if I can see in my minds eye how to do it, then I can do it,

and I have TONS of baggies around waiting for just the right pieces.

which reminds me, chalk me up for one project done,,,hip[ hip hooray!

Cher said...

what a happy life, cutting for quilts in the works, being distracted and doing something new and fun-I love your approach to quilting Finn-must be rubbing off as I have been distracting myself from my ufos!
love how the star quilt top turned out.

Zannah said...

What a fantastic challenge. I too have lost my mo-jo - and haven't even touched my machine for a fortnight.
So could I please join your challenge, and I'll pledge to complete 4:
a) Hallowe'en quilt top
b) Day lily lap quilt
c) triangls lap quilt
d) nativity wall hanging

Maybe this way I'll get them finished (or at least a little further along....)

Lilly said...

What a busy little bee you are. I admire all that you have been able to get accomplished. Great work!

susan said...

you crack me up. you start on one ufo and then do a whole different project. i always like seeing what you have gotten done, working on, etc. a total inspiration to my procastination. althou i did finish the outfit for victoria finally :-)

MYRA said...

Hello Finn,
Me again! 8-)
I think you need to mark me down for another UFO finish! Finished another today...Sunday. 8-)
What next?
Happy stitchings!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Love those stars! Glad you found a use for the triangles - too cute.

Pat said...

What a great way to use novelty fabrics, the centers in the stars! I tend to cut for one quilt at a time then work towards completion. Must be the OCD in me :)

Tropical Screamer said...

It's great to see that you're still having so much fun. I've been offline so long. The fun part is that I have the great fun of looking through your archives and seeing what you've been making.

Best regards,

Kathie said...

I am going to work on finishing 3 projects by the end of the year
I will keep you posted on my progress.

MARCIE said...

Isn't it funny how we see projects that other bloggers are making and and we can't resist jumping right in?! I am so with you on scrap organization, or in my case, dis-organization.