Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A tutorial on binding ~ Part 1

As I said on Monday, I bind with 1.5" strips. I don't use doubled binding because I find it too bulky for the 'look' I want. The best advice I can give you, as a quilter, is to find what work for you, what you like and are happy with, and DO it THAT WAY...that applies to every aspect of quilting. Make YOUR quilts,YOUR way. If you aren't happy with how you do things, explore until you find just the right one. I like TIGHT, VERY FLAT and VERY NARROW bindings. So, here goes. Join up enough 1.5" strips to accomidate your quilt size. Cut off selvedge edges on everything. Fold over about an inch on the beginning strip. With the wrong side of the binding strip facing you, line the strip up even with the trimmed edge of your quilt. I don't pin on flat batting, on the puffier stuff, I do. This shows the newest pile of my scrappy strip bindings.
 Does yours look like this? Or then put it under the presser foot and backtack. Then procede to sew down to within 1/4"(can be approximate) of the first corner.I also backtack here and pull if off the machine. Betsy does this without removing the quilt from the machine.
 Put your left finger on the sewn binding strip, about where the 1/4" tack is. Gently fold the binding strip straight up til you've got what look like this, a little pleated triangle.You want the strip to follow the edge line of the quilt, the 1/4" of unstitched binding at the corner shouldn't show! This is important. It needs to be under where your thumb and finger are going to pinch.
 Keep your finger under the folder triangle part, but lower the long part of the binding strip down lining its edge up with the second side of the quilt, needs to be pretty darn exact, as in the picture. With that will pleated triangle pinched between the thumb and fingers of your left hand, put the new edge back under the presser foot. Back tack and then sew down the second side. One more part to all of this...coming right up!
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