Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WIP Wednesdays.....every day at Finn's

Before I forget...both the DRAGON and the LIME GREEN WITH DOTS are from Timeless Treasures 2007 fabric line. I purchased them at a Mill Ends store. They are a sort of clearing house store for fabric production 'overrun'. Not hard to imagine that the fabric producers make way too much of everything. It's not necessarily "seconds" or "flawed" fabric. Often, it's bolted fabric that was over produced and didn't sell. Here's Ebby cat testing another UFO. I had orginally planned a full size quilt from there 6.5" log cabin blocks. Plan revised: They will become one or 2 table runners or squares. I'm feeling like I've made enough log cabin blocks from 1.5" strips to last me a life time! Most of these are sewn into 4 block sets, but I know how to fix that!
 And a little trick and treating flavor for the month *VBS* I counted up the "finishes" in the New Years Eve UFO challenge, and so far we have completed 53(that have been reported to me) We are doing good, but need to keep stitching to accomplish our goals!
 Quilting continues(again) on the Guild BOM quilt from 1999. As of last evening, I have 3 more blocks to quilt, and then need to put something in the border. I'll use the half hoop for that, and probably quilt with perle cotton. IT's a very dark border and I have little vision in that department. I haven't made it back to the Blue Baby Bows quilt as yet. It still needs binding sewn on...maybe later today.
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Amelia said...

Ebby looks quite comfortable...2 of my 3 are constantly checking out what I am sewing 3rd cat is real old and sleeps most of the time...sure do think alot of my furry children.

Hunter said...

Good to see that Ebby is one the job.

As always, love your work.

Hugs and purrs,
Darilyn and Tigger

Paula, the quilter said...

Reporting in: I now have finished 4!! more projects. That is a total of 5. Yipee! I'm going to count the two Homespun BOMs as 2 projects even tho I used one as the backing for the other. Sneaky, huh? Here's the count:
* Minnesota Hot Dish
* Helen
* Baby Hannah
* Savannah

Pat said...

Great fabric finds! is Mills End an online or in person store? (i'm looking for backing for a few QOV projects I'm doing)

Cute pic of Ebby, the quilt inspector!

Great job on the 53 finishes for your New Year's Challenge in blogland :)

em's scrapbag said...

I love your log cabins. But then again they are a favorite of mine. I have finished three. I thought I told you but must be mistaken. So add one more to the quilts finished for the New Year's Challenge.

Elaine Adair said...

Ebby certainly knows where to perch to look his best! Lovely and striking L.G.

Your hand quilting project is so lively and very cute! Why ever did you stop in its completion? I LOVE it!

Sara said...

Finn: I finished my first of five UFOs yeasterday. I'm calling it ROMP doll quilt as it was made from re-purposed blocks I got in 2005 at a Quilting ROMP.

Nearing a couple of other completions, but they will be quilted by my long-armer, so they won't be reported DONE for a few weeks.


Myra said...

Hi Finn!
Funny how some of our UFOs take a detour from the original plan hey! That is A-OK, cause it is our choice!!! 8-)
Great that you are almost finished quilting your blocks on the Guild BOM! Woohoo!!!
Almost done another UFO...another day...I hope only one. 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Cher said...

yes, quilting dark sections is very challenging, even with "good" vision!
sounds like a daytime with sunshine if available task. good to downsize some of the ufos and make them much more easy to finish as well.
I seem to be doing everything but quilting lately. oh well. Home on Friday and plan to sew that day at least half the day!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

I love the log cabins, and I know what you mean, I guess I made just about enough of them, too. Lively colors in the shoo-fly blocks.

Granny Lyn said...

I am with Ebby, I love the scrappy log cabins, one of my very favorite!!! I love the way you placed them into pin wheels!!

I have another UFO done to add to my list, I will post it in the morning. Hip hip hooray!!!
wish I could knock them out as fast as you do!!!

Myra said...

Hi Finn! I am happy to let you know that I have finished another UFO!!!
What to work on next...?
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Lori in South Dakota said...

Don't you love Mill End Stores??

Anonymous said...

Hi Finn, just touching base, still handsewing the binding on one quilt.Will hopefully have some quilts finished next month. Regards Lyn

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi Finn, I wanted to let you know I finished and posted UFO #3. I am still working on #4. I think I am going to make it!!

Sue said...

G'day Finn. What a beautiful cat Ebby is....and very comfortable on your UFO, too! Lestat makes a beeline for the table whenever the camera comes out now....he knows there will be something to look at and sit on! lol I've just finished putting together finishes 3 - 7. These cushions were a quilt that became a UFO quite recently. Thank you so much for putting out the challenge. It is a gr8 motivator! It gets me thinking outside the square on how to finish pieces and knowing there are plenty of us out there helps keep me motivated too!

Sue said...

I forgot to say...I've posted a piccie of the latest finishes on my blog.