Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scraps for a Thoughtful Thursday...

Not the voices that we hear all around us, but the images, stirrings, memories, and ideas that flow quietly through my brain, day to day. A very frosty minus 9 degree morning outside my windows. A minimum of snowfall from Tuesday's storm, but cold and windy again. The spring equinox stands poised in the wings, waiting for her near, and yet so very far away from today.
 Ebby, is constant in my daily life. A sun seeker, food finder, always ready with a purr when I take time for a nap and a cuddle. She only allows cuddling on the bed. Occasionally she will lay in my lap, but mostly because she's cold *VBS*
 Inspection and scrutiny of a quilt made last year. I'm proclaiming it to be my MOST favorite quilt right now. Haven't washed it yet, but am planning on doing that so I can see the wonderful wrinkles that come from the Warm and Natural batting inside. This one was made in the tradition I love best, "anything goes,I'm doing it MY way".
 The polka dotted wonder from last autumn went with me to see the new grandchild. I was afraid the mom would insist on an Aunt Gracies type pastel piece, but she likes brights and adores cats. And this one was all ready to go to someone special, which Baby A certainly is.
I appreciate all the lovely comments and encouraging words left at my last post. Thoughtful meditation has brought me to the place where almost everything "is what it is". I try hard to do the best I can, where I am, with what I have. Prayer is a powerful tool we all have access to. And the inside of ones head and thoughts is much like the inside of ones heart, deep and very personal. Not everything needs to be said aloud. For me, life continues to flow like a river. Wider and deeper in places, shallow and slow in others. It carries things along with it, and sometimes leaves them deposited on an outcropping. The mystery of rivers lies in all the seen and unseen influences. Control is often attempted, and sometimes succeeds. Othertime, not so much. The deeper mysteries of the Universe have the last word in the end. I try not to get so caught up in the fast moving part of the river, that I lose awareness of the shallow or slow parts.
**On the battleground that is America right now, I took note of semi trucks loaded with food and personal care items that arrived in Elkhart, IN yesterday(or the day before). The foundation I had mentioned, Feed the Children putting their words into action. The temps were raw outside, with gusty winds. People were allowed to wait in their cars, in a drive up style lineup. Boxes of much needed food were loaded into each car by volunteers. If I understand correctly, the manufacture of RVs was a huge employer in Elkhart. You can find more information by Googling Feed the Children, or Feed the Hungry.
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Norma said...

So much wonderful wisdom in this post, from the "anything goes" in quilting to the "do the best you have with the circumstances at hand." So many lessons learned as the years go by.

RV's are definately on the can't sell list out there!

Take special care my friend and kisses for that new baby when you see her again.

Amelia said...

Your post today listed phrases of such wisdom...some like you have lots on your mind and in your heart...that you wanted to share a bit of it with us (your readers).

The Feed the Children organization has done so many good things with their program.

May God bless and guide you with the loved ones in your life.

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful wisdom. You are a treasure my friend.

Love that first quilt. I might try doing one like that in the future.

Susan said...

You are a wise woman, and I'm sure you earned that wisdom through heartache and hard lessons. The result is the clear-thinking sanity and deep compassion you express. You will be a blessing to your granddaughter, as you surely are to others.

Kim said...

Feed the Children has always been a favorite family charity. Sunday School is collecting
pb and j and cereal for lent :)