Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday....

I've been blogging nearly 4 years, having started this blog July, 2005. By 2006 I stretched my wings and opened the Riding the Orphan Train blog also. None of that has anything to do with a Thoughtful Thursday title, does it? There are many "day" titles out there....Wordless Wednesday, WIP Wednesday, and Frugal Friday spring to mind. My choice of a Lenten contribution, one food item per day(for my local food bank) seems to have triggered a more thoughtful state of mind. Thus you may get Thoughtful Thursdays from me for awhile, please feel free to join me. One of the things floating around in my thoughts is the One Project A Month Challenge. I love the idea and it follows my New Years Eve UFO Challange so nicely...more UFO and WISPS(work in progress slowly)completed. The reason it's been in my thoughts is this...I choose something to finished up, take a picture and blog about it. Then almost immediately my focus and interest shift to something I see in my sewing room. For January I REALLY thought I could/would work on and finish the Picket Fence quilt, the red and white one. I didn't, but I blamed it on my Pfaff falling ill,seam allowance size you know. I finished something else instead and made 3 more Strippy tops. Getting the Aurora flimsey made into a quilt was what I selected for February. But my attention then shifted to an overflowing bin of Mile-A-Minute parts and blocks. I completed 12 rows of 9 blocks each. I managed to get two other projects finished instead.
 My chosen project for March was the Cats embroidery blocks and how to set them. I stacked them by the machine and immediately was drawn to making String blocks.
In thinking about those 3 months of projects, I've come to realize I have a real aversion to pre-selected projects. It seems to have something to do with "being told what to do". I'm quite sure it's the "Finn" mindset, that's doing this, and not the "Sylvia"....LOL. More discipline could be applied to "me" by "me", but I'm happier doing what catches my attention. And since the price of rice in China isn't affected by my choices, I think I'm just going to NOT pre-select a project for April! *VBS* Going to see how that works out.
I spent yesterday sewing "bricks", cut from Halloween fabrics, together. I put borders on an Orphan quilt, and got a backing made for it and for the String Blocks I showed on Tuesday. A couple more rows and I will have a flimsey, created from a bin of Halloween strips. The happy part is that I will have another project completed to the point of quilting. The sad part is THAT particular UFO isn't even listed in my project book...bummer!
** The pictures have no bearing on the content of this post. They are Free Clipart from the site on my sidebar.
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scrappy quilter said...

I could have written this myself. I promised myself I would start anything new until I got all my UFO's finished. Well along came a good quilting book and I've started a number of new tops. I'm happier when I can quilt that way too. It'll all get done, even the UFO's at some point. Have a fun filled day.

Shasta said...

I do that all the time! I choose projects, and rebel against the "rules". I too find it much easier to work on what I feel like working on, rather than forcing myself to work on any particular goal.

Lynn Dykstra said...

We are half way through lent, but I am going to join you today by choosing one food item from my cupboard every morning for our local food pantry.
What a wonderfully contemplative lenten task.