Monday, November 01, 2010

A new month begins...

 and November 1st, about 8 a.m. looks very different from last month. The sun is still very far to the north and sunlight to melt the frost is slow in coming. Beautiful sky this morning off in the south east, just had to capture it!
I met my self-imposed deadline! The last stitches were placed as The Amazing Race episode ended, and the village whistle blew to end trick-or-treating for this year. I had a grand total of 14 little monsters and spooks. One witch and one fairy princess, several ninja and a couple of homemade hobos...LOL And they all remembered to say "thank you", which I really appreciate.
I had wanted ONE finish in October to get me moving.I'm happy to have the Memory quilt ready to head to its new owners. I'm debating what UFO #2 will be. There are sooo many choices. One in particular I want to work on,but must find the bag of "parts". Another is a "MUST DO", and I'm not quite ready to tackle that one yet. I'm not a person who can choose what I will finish and what will wait. That requires discipline, and I don't have much. I'm happy, however, to share that my "mojo hunt" has worked. I counted up yesterday and find I have EMPTIED 8 project containers. All of the contents are now tops. None of them are quilted, but it's nice to have LESS projects in bags or Rubbermaids sitting around. And one flimsey, the blue/gray memory top is off its hanger,quilted, bound and finished!
I think I've only started ONE new quilt since posting again. While cutting scraps, and I do that from day to day, I realized I hadn't made a bowtie block(or top)in over a year. Time to fix that!! Thus is born a new container holding both blocks and a growing pile of "parts". Julie was telling me(in an email)last night how two small quilts resulted from a pile of "bonus" triangles...LOL. I can soooo identify!! But she's at work on those UFOs today, I'm sure, and so am I! How about you???
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Vivian said...

Good work getting a finish in the can! I need to stay on task if I am to get one done this week (so far so good).

And you emptied all those project containers?!? Whew, I wish I could get that done. Well that's what the Y/E Challenge is about for me -- finishing all the "sitting around" projects so at the start of next year I can head for the bins.

You are keeping our finish bar high!

Libby said...

A signal to end trick-or-treat - inspired!

scrappy quilter said...

Great job friend.

All 60 SBS blocks are now finished. I've worked all day on one of the quilts (making 4 SBS) and it's now ready to be quilted. I'm loving this me going again. Hopefully by the weekend all 4 tops will be finished and ready to quilt. Hugs

AnnieO said...

Good work meeting your October goal! Deadlines are good things :) We had dozens of trick or treaters and ran out of candy (10 bags!) at 8:30, had to blow out the candles and shut off the porch light.

Finn, did you see my bowtie quilt "a la Finn"? I posted it for the Bloggers Quilt Festival over the weekend. Pop over and have a look :)

Magpie Sue said...

Woohoo! Kudos on the finish!!! Yippee!

Stephanie D. said...

I like that little blue and gray one!

Congrats on making a deadline!