Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And now for a commercial message....

We're rolling merrily along with the New Years Eve Countdown UFO Challenge. And while it's wonderful, marvelous and all that jazz, I'll still have UFOs on January 1st. How about you?? Want to keep the mojo going and finish up more??? I do!!!!
And here's just the place to do it!!! Our pal Myra, is hosting her PhD(projects half done)Challenge again this year. Hers runs a bit longer than mine(which is GOOD) and I have jumped on board(my first time) and hope to get at least 6 more finished up by the end of June. If having less PhDs or UFOs or WIPs appeals to you...pop over and join Myra and so far 20 more of us in this new challenge!


Michele Bilyeu said...

Grand total me, Finn.
Phd's no more in the Finn-ish line.
11 quilts, 14 small projects.
Oh...was that me who just crashed on the floor?
Oh, my! I guess I did have too much fun ;)

Clare said...

I think we've all got the Michele bug - no stopping until it's Finn-ished!


ROZ said...

Yep, got the quilt that I promised done. The ones I'm working on now are for 2011, right??

Myra said...

Thanks for your Commercial message there Finn!!! 8-)
Can you believe it! I've got 70 quilters jumping on the PhD bandwagon with me!!! Yikes! I've created a monster!!! 8-)