Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday...Monday....and I could use a nice BIG dose of The Mamas and The Papas...but they are no where to be had. Guess I'll settle for Helen Reddy. I think she'd understand why this cartoon has lived on my sewing room wall for years and years. Ya know?? Sometimes it just doesn't matter what anyone says.....lets stick to the plan at hand ! I think I've just had the least productive weekend(or week) of my life. But since my memory is slipping daily, I can't be sure...*VBG* Hope ALL of YOU got lots done, or totally vegged out, whatever was needed..and...if you go down to the woods today....keep your eyes open..*G* Posted by Picasa


The Calico Cat said...

It was nice to catch up ith you Finn... (I hadn't made it very far in the blogger world for about 1.5 weeks...)

Laura said...

Oh Finn I think the un-productive weekends are sometimes the best weekends! Hope your eye is doing better.

Tropical Screamer said...


My big goal for the day is to wash 10 floor tiles. Not a whole room, mind you. Just 10 tiles.

We'll see.

Love the drawing. Thanks for the giggle.


quiltpixie said...

Wait a few weeks, then you'll know if it really was un-productive. I find it amazing how many ideas are actually percolating when it feels so unproductive, and they only become apparent given some time.

Worst case -- it was in fact unproductive :-) Who said that was bad?

Laurie Ann said...

Finn -- Regarding your graduation quilt. Why don't you post a list of things that this girl likes and we can send you a piece of fabric that we have so that you can get a bunch of centers without buying a ton of fabric. So if she likes dogs or butterflies, I can help you out!

Bonnie said...

This cartoon cracked me up!! I say we eat him too....*hehhhe*


Joanne said...

ROFLOL -- Thanks for putting it all into perspective, Finn!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I am listening to The Mamas & The Papas right now. "Monday, Monday."

It's all right to be unproductive every once in a while. You might not of got done what you planned on, but I'm sure you gave some things some thought. Just like Quiltpixie said above...wait a few weeks, then you'll know.

Liked your comic too.

Thanks for your nice comments on my post. You are so sweet and I hope that your eye gets better soon.

cindyquilts said...

Finn ... we don't have to be totally productive at all times. We are people, not production machines. Please give yourself an emotional break instead of a thrashing.

Darcie said...

Cute cartoon/print! (Boy, have I had days like theirs!) GRRRRR!

Sure hope your eyes are behaving, Finn.

Lily said...

I say we eat him too.

Welcome to my *unproductive* life! I feel like that at the end of every day.

Big hugs. Hope your eye is on the mend.