Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The sun comes earlier now...as the days of winter shorten. By 6:45 the sun is peeking in the little half circle window of my front door....slanting all the shadows from south to north. There begins to be some warmth to it's light and color, the whiteness pushed back, further and further. I open the blinds on my east facing window and the sunshine shadows fall across the entire room. Another day. Time. Seconds, minutes,hours making their way across my life...moving in the seemingly endless march toward darkness. Clarity and confusion. I have wondered about them, and concluded that they connect in a circle, slidding from one the other and back again..an endless circle. Impossible to stay fixed in either, that's the circles doing. Life, beginnings, ending...and all that stuff in the middle....where we muddle from day to day. Where does the time go ? Reflections. Did the Amish first name that quilt Sunshine and Shadows or does it go back further? And who first saw that pattern and thought about the suns journey across the sky? And maybe there is a reason I prefer Straight Furrows, with their lightness and darkness going somewhere. Today the sun near my computer falls across a piece from my scrapbag...Uncle Jim, my mohters oldest brother and a much more youthful Finn. Uncle Jim....part of the sunshine of my life. He lived in Milwaukee, WI all my growing up years, but he came north to see his mother, my Grandma Lottie, who lived with us. His visits were special..*VBG*...my mom made chocolate cake when he came...how can you beat that??? Posted by Picasa


Jeanne said...

"all the stuff in the middle ... where we muddle from day to day"

That's what my spiral is about, too.
{{{Hugs}}} Jeanne

Joanne said...

Nice picture, nice reflections, nice memory walk.

Tropical Screamer said...

You pulled memories of my favorite uncle to the front of my brain. (Uncle Bennie)

Our son's middle name "Benjamin" is in his honor.

Thinking of you and hoping that you're feeling fit and chipper today.

Darilyn (and Tigger, too)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Finn...*VBG* What a wonderful & reflective piece of writing.
You seem to be feeling nostalgic today and your uncle Jim must have been a wonderful man. You have such fond thoughts & memories of him and his visits.
I to, love chocolate cake.

Glad it is sunny there. It has been a sunny & warm day for us too. I have spent the last two days running...sort of felt like a taxi.

For the last 2 days I have had to pick up my grandson from school about half hour away from my house and this morning his dad needed to see a dentist...so we were off again.

I haven't had much time to blog...although their visits supply me with more blog material to post...and I do enjoy their visits.

Have a nice day and thank you for the lovely comments that you leave over at my place.
Hugs *VBS*

Patti said...

Aren't family pictures wonderful! I just wish I know who the people were that appear in all the pictures I inherited from my mother.

Very nice philosophical thought to read at the end of a long day's work.

Patty said...

I say, make a chocolate cake today and celebrate the sunshine in the memory of your uncle. Love reading your postings Finn. Just love them : )

Linda_J said...

What a lovely post, Finn. It is starting to look and feel more like spring here in AL--the daffodils, crocuses and camellias are all in bloom and the Bradford Pear trees are starting to bloom. Gotta love it!

Peggy said...

what a nice post.... looking forward to spring here also

Tanya said...

A beautiful story and a photograph to match. Such wonderful memories.

Warming up there means it's cooling down over here. And it is. Slightly. It's a little hard to notice when you live in the tropics and it's hot ALL the time :)

susan said...

Love your reflections!

Time is sure passing by, where does it all go?

Thanks for sharing.

Maggie Ann said...

A lovely picture and post. Reading your words kind of gives me the feelings that flit through my mind while watching a favorite movie...like Christy. Swaying with the fluid movements of life..as you say so beautifully. How good to know that God will reign one day over all when time shall be no more, but He will be our light and eternity just begun for us as we arrive in Heaven by his salvation so freely offered.