Thursday, August 09, 2007

Block in the mail...

It's such fun to be getting these blocks in the mail *VBS* Today's block is from Momma See in Washington State. She's a friend of Sue's(From the Magpie's Nest) and has decided to play along with our Orphan Train Challenge. The block is just beautiful Momma See, thank you so much for sending it..*VBS*
On a totally unrelated e-mail from Momma See asks questions about a couple of things. I try to answer e-mail as soon as I can. I don't always make it right away. I think each of us tries to accommidate our readers.

If you have a question about a posting, one possibility is to look at the list of posts on the side bar. Under Orphan Train, or Orphan Quilts you'll see a number. That indicates how many posts I have made about that 'subject'.If you click on it, it will give you a new screen with ALL the times I've talked about that subject.
Beyond that..look at the top of the blog..there is a BLANK search box...type in what you are curious about, for example: Pay It Forward and blogger will give you all the posts about that subject. That saves you the time of having to scroll through months and months of postings..*VBS* That SEARCH box is at the top of every Blogspot blog. And it's there to help in finding what you want to know.
One other things.....I've set my comments sections so ANYONE may comment. Even without a blog, you ARE ABLE to click on comment and write a message. IF it asks who you are posting as, click on anonymous. Then please sign at least your first name to the comment so I know who to respond to.
I hope that helps, Momma See....and anyone else who needs it *VBS*


Rabbit Stitchings said...

Finn, you have helped sooooooooo many people set up blogs, I can just imagine how many emails you get in a day!!!! Blogger should pay you a salary for all the help you give people setting up their blogs!!!!!!

I know you helped me a lot, I would not have a blog if not for you and so many others...and its much appreciated!

I bet your email box is stuffed everyday!

Jenny said...

Wow, I can't believe the wonderful responses and descriptive answers I've gotten from you even though you get so much mail. I'm glad I didn't know or I wouldn't have bothered you! Thanks again,

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely block pictured. The mail can be overwhelming, I'm sure... you have such a powerfully positive impact on those whose lives you touch. That's a blessing and a gift.

Libby said...

Finn - you do a fantastic job of helping all us little underlings in the blogworld - what would we do without you?