Monday, November 19, 2007

Bright idea for a dreary day.... know how that goes??? You're innocently drinking your morning mug of coffee or tea...and you get clobbered with a really great(but weird)idea??? This one is neither all that weird nor great, but in depths of November any IDEA seems important. Please say hello to Miss Goosey-Lucey. Ebby just MIGHT be the lucky receipient of a new name! She's such a nut job! A year later she still runs from the response to her requests. Whether for food, attention, or more CATNIP please, she chirps, she yeowls, she demands, she pleads, begs and makes a nusiance of herself until you get up and "do it"! This morning it was catnip needed on her scratching box. She rarely scratches on her scratching box...mostly she drapes herself over it, rolls on it, lays on it and falls asleep using it for a pillow. It came with catnip which I replenish from a small bag from Target(organic,no less!).
As I got up to tend her needs she did the usual 3 yard dash just in case I as 'after' her.
When I sat back down to sip my coffee I had a brain, in the fur, was a true Chicken Little of "The Sky is Falling" story. Soooo what to call her? Henny-Penny? Chicky-Licky? Goosey-Lucey? Hmmmmmm........maybe this time of time it should be Miss Turkey-Lurkey???? Ya'll get to vote on the new nick name for Ms Ebby *VBS*

AND while browsing I found a couple of new(or newer) scrappy quilts at our very own Gypsy Quilters blog. Not todays post but down a couple...a really great 4 patch set with corner squares(love it) and the post before that was a wonderful fence rail using everything but the kitchen sink(that might have been in there too *G*). Check them out as your struggle with scrap control. And did you ALL get the letter that our Bonnie is posting a tutorial on crumb quilts? Check that out also for the smaller pieces *VBS*


julieQ said...

Sure like your log cabinish blocks, and your cat decoration. Sure looks like a real cat. Say, that is a real cat!!

Our little dog helps with all quilting around here, kind of a quality control.



dot said...

Lovely picture. I like the beginning of the quilt she is sitting on.

Jeanne said...

Ebby certainly has excellent taste in quilts! The log cabin blocks are looking really great.

Dannielle said...

Those blocks are wonderful! Love them!

Barbara C said...

Ebby kind of looks like a Henny-Penny in her picture. She looks like she might be trying to hatch that quilt. My cats also like to sit/lay across the scratching box. It's a very popular toy at my house.

Stay warm and enjoy your projects. Your link was very inspiring, and of course when I saw that crumb quilt I immediately thought of my big cookie tin of tiny scraps. Now that's a project for a grey winter day.

dee said...

I just love that darling cat. She does look like she's sitting on a nest. That quilt is really nice.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ebby! Does she get a couple of bites of turkey-yum!

Libby said...

Mmmm - those blocks look great. Log cabin is one of my favorites and a 1/2 log is enjoyed just as much.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Nice quilt and beautiful cat!! Thanks for sharing.

Sue in western WA said...

I'm going to have to go check out those scrap quilts you mentioned - not that I need any more projects or ideas! Love the blocks Ebby is sitting on. No matter how silly she acts, she'll always be Ebby to me!

Hope you and your have a happy turkey day!

Studio Christine said...

How about Sit-ty Kitty?

or Ebbie-Bebbie?

that is one content cat!!...doe she have her own quilt yet? :)