Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Looking ~ Finding ~ Doing....

Looking for a call from my sister...I'm in the process of picking a stone for the grave at CF...your input is welcome.
And I'm finding sunshine on a cloudy day. Even a glimmer, such as this, is most welcome.
And I'm doing some sewing on the new little Janome..which has NO light and only one speed. Actually fabric costs more than this machine...LOL
When the spirit moves you, as it did me yesterday, after seeing Gypsy Quilters neat 4 patch top, and then Bonnie's neat Pinwheel and Patches, I'm working with my 2" squares, making 16 patches...fun, fun, fun.Not sure what they will 'grow up' to be...but...I'm looking, finding and doing...how about you???


Nadine said...

I'm LOOKING at my Xmas gifts projects,
FINDING so little time to make them,
but DOING my best, anyway !


Nice post, Finn ! THANKS !
(LOVE it whern you're working at your 16 patches...)
Hugs & smiles,

Quilt Memories said...

Love the 16 patches, just bought a new book and it had a quilt made with 16 patches, neat!!We are getting ready for Thanksgiving.
have a good day and am sure I will read your blog again tomorrow, then my sister and her hubby will be here until Sunday, so will be off the comp for a bit,Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

Looking, reading, thinking and feeling fabric here. Love those 16 patches.

Angie said...

I always feel so good when I come to your blog and see what you're working on. I should be up chasing those dust bunnies, with family coming in for Thanksgiving tomorrow evening, but I am struggling with my energy/thyroid issues, and decided the heck with it for the next little bit...I want to see what my blog family is into. :D I'm still looking at my unfinished tree table topper, and wishing I had the time/energy to go finish it up but with 2 little people headed to this house, I really have to wipe up some dirt and get their room ready. :) So the sewing will have to wait. I'm also back to trying to learn to knit again. We'll see...LOL Hugs to you and Mz. Ebby aka Mz. Lurkey-Turkey!! ROFL

Elaine Adair said...

Girl, any of those names might fit that kitty! She definitely has personality. I like Henny Penny, uhhh Goosey-Loosy uhhh, oh well any of them!

She sure found an attractive place to park her behind!

meggie said...

Ebby just suits her fine. she is gorgeous!! As are those blocks she is lying on.
I like those 4 patches!

Tracy said...

The 16 patches look wonderful! I can't wait to see what they grow to be:)


cher said...

so much fun to play with 16 patches and gosh...those are all great nick names! LOL...hard to believe they left off the light on the little Janome...but for the $$ I guess that is how it goes...keep having fun Finn.

Sarah N. said...

Finn -

What do you think of that little Janome machine? I just ordered a Janome Sew mini for my almost 9 year old daughter for Christmas. I see that yours is a different model but does it run good? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


Susan said...

That's the cutest little Janome! What is the model? I'm still going backwards on your blog, trying to catch up, and maybe you mentioned it there.