Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A funny fuddy-duddy kind of day....

but I have energy today...count my blessing for that! The sun is shining and it's a crisp, cold 9 degrees outside. Thanks Darcie!! Seems our 40 degrees of Sunday is only a memory. Speaking of memory...mine is faulty...LOL..I have a 'short circuit' I think...it 'blips' at times *G*This quilt has needed borders for almost a year now...bad Finn! It got them yesterday and a backing I'm sewing today. I will get it machine quilted yet this week, I hope!
And this is a nice little utility table runner I showed last December and promised to get the directions typed up...ya, right...'blip'..see! my brain did it again. Sooooo, here the deal. I'm going to make a new one(or two)as I need it(them)for a gift this year. I'm going to put the cutting directions, etc here and put a 'utility table runner' tutorial label on the posts. You can then find the directions for step by step, WITH PICTURES, by clicking on the label. I'm not sure how else one would do a tutorial and link it??? Any help?? I'll start that yet today so you can go and find 3 nice pieces in your stash...this is a pretty good stash buster. This one is Christmas, but I've done southwest, fishing tackle and apples.
Last but not least, here's what a guilty grandma looks like *VBS* One of my grandsons, and a previous kitten, the one from H---, Tigger. He was capable of bullying my 120# golden into going into the bedroom to hide! He moved on to friendlier pastures. I'd never believe that animal don't "think". When frustrated in his activities, Tigger would go into another room and "unpot" one of my houseplants! Doesn't thrill a person to see their expensive pointsettas laying on the table next to the pot!


Susan said...

Thanks for the directions, Finn. That's a great table piece - and I like that it would work with any theme fabric. Your colors are really nice for this season, though. =)

*9* degrees? That's a temperature? =) I guess I'm happy we aren't up there, though I always like the sound of the Christmas things going on this time of year. Hettinger, ND, has a Wake Santa parade and fireworks and that sounds like such fun! I doubt I will ever get Paul to stay up there long enough to see it, though!

Kucki68 said...

I love the pin wheel strips quilt, such a lovely use for scraps.