Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Table Runner Project...corrected at 3 p.m.***indicate correction

This is a utility table runner, that uses 3 fabrics plus about a half yard for the backing. It's a quick and easy one, looks good done up in "guy" fabrics if you are doing it for a son or father or uncle. The fabric needs are minimal, using about 14" of 3 different fabrics. If you want one of them for a border or binding(which is what I did) you need more. This one is made from scraps left from my Christmas table cloth quilt. The big quilt goes on the couch and this runner on the coffee table with a pillar candle on it. It's NOT a raving beauty, but a sturdy little pony type that just keeps going and going. This one is already 12 years old and going strong.
Start with 3 contrasting fabrics. You need a LIGHT, MEDIUM and a DARK. Altho you see it works with red and green as long as they contrast. You need at least 14" of each fabric X ***14-15" wide*** WOF(width of fabric)***YOU do NOT need WOF unless you want a bigger runner or more sections to play with***.This amount will make a runner that is 16" X 20" without borders. If you want larger, you'll need to make additonal sections.
Dark: cut 1 4.5" strip, 2 3.5" strips,and 3 2.5" strips. Stack seperately. Then from the Medium: cut 6 2.5" strips. From the Light: cut 1 4.5" strip, 3 2.5" strips and 2 1.5" strips. Now you've got 9 little piles of strips *VBS* Keep them seperated, they tend to fight.
That's it for the cutting. Keep in mind you might want one of these fabrics for the ends(borders)or binding.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well done, Finn! It's a great runner and would work with any fabrics for anytime of year, too. Thanks for the inspiration and the lesson!

Angie said...

You are such a sweetie, Finn! Thank you so much for the tablerunner tutorial/pattern. Just what I need cuz I just can't think right now. :/ This I do believe I can handle, so I'm off to pull me some fabrics! :>D Loved seeing the picture of you and your GS with Tigger. ;)