Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Table Runner Project ~ Part 3

This is Section #3. Make it by sewing: 1 1.5" light to 1 2.5" medium. Add the 4.5" dark strip, followed by a 2.5" medium and then a 1.5" light. Press to dark. Label as section #3. Set aside.
Section #4. Zipping right along, sew 1 2.5" light to 1 2.5" medium. Add 1 2.5" dark, 1 2.5" medium, and finish up with 1 2.5" light. Section #4 is now complete. Press to dark. Label as section #4. Set aside and get ready to SUB-DIVIDE !
The mini-mystery directions call for cutting each section into EIGHT(8) sub-sections of 1.5" each. That is what is pictured in the table runner I showed. Today, because I screwed up and sewed the full WOF, I'm going to cut mine in 2" sub-sections. It will be larger than the 16" X 20" original pattern. It's a good chance for me to see how much bigger, etc.
Now, if you are zipping along, and you have ALL your sub-sections of 8 1.5" strips cut, you can start joining them up *VBS* You are going to be making EIGHT(8) sets of strips. Taking one from each WELL LABELED pile, join a #1 to a #2, then add a #3, and finally a #4. This is now one subsection. It should be approx. 4" X 10"...not sure if that includes the seam allowance or is the finished measurement...I have it written on the pattern in pencil. Just a reference point as to size.
If you've gotten this far, hopefully you are TIRED, or have to make supper or pick up the kids and I will have time to sub-cut mine and get back to you.
Once you've got your 8 sections made and pressed don't do anything but play around with them...LOL I'll give you the final directions in my next post, as to which sides you sew together. Or if you are as clever as me, and as good at ignoring directions, please go ahead and "just do it"...*VBS*

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Quilting Journey said...

Yep, I am tired. Oh, and I do have to make supper. And pick up the kids, sure. Oops, forgot they're grown up and gone. Ok. got to pick up AFTER the big kid. Oh, wait a minute...we're supposed to be sewing at the same time as you??? And here, I was just enjoying watching the master and learning at her knee! Ok. off the floor for me. Finn, did you just kick me??? Ok. so you knee'ed me. I kneed you, too. Love looking at your pretty pictures so much, I forgot to sew ;)