Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Table Runner Project ~ Part 2

Here are the fabrics I've chosen for this runner. The green plaid is possible border on the ends and binding.Correction to my previous post: When cutting, your fabric doesn't need to be WOF(my mistake)This really is a modest fabric requirement project. You only need about 14-15" wide as well as high. So FQ's would work fine..sorry about that. What you'd get from more sewn is the ability to make the runner bigger by making more sub-sections. I'm going to.
Here are my strips...all cut and ready to sew.
This is SECTION #1. Label as such. Sew 1 3.5" dark to 1 4.5" light. Add 1 more 3.5" dark. Press to dark. Set aside labeled #1.
Section #2: Sew 1 medium 2.5" strip to 1 2.5" dark, add 1 2.5" light, and then add 1 2.5" dark again. Finish up with a 2.5" medium. Press to the dark. Label #2 and set aside.
I'll be back with sections #3 and #4. If you are anxious to do more before I get back here, I can tell you that EACH SECTION will get sub-divided into EIGHT(8) 1.5" strips. Be sure to keep the section label attached to the 1.5" strips you cut from the long sections. Isn't this fun?? And fast!


dee said...

This looks simple and that's good because as you know, I have left everything for the last minute as usual. I got fabric today for holiday window toppers..I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..Wooo Hooo!

Sew Prim Khris said...

Hi Finn. I love the fabric you have used with the cardinals on it. I dont suppose you can tell me the name of it in hope that I might find some of it. Hus, Khris in Oz