Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thoughts on being 'stuck'...and other quilty stuff...

I've been STUCK. Isn't that just the oddest word? You say outloud...."I'm stuck", and then wonder, what the heck does that mean, really? I think about the "tenses", learned in years and years of English, at school. "I stick", "I am stuck", "I have been stuck". The dictionary is clinical...I'm not a marshmellow, squewered on a stick. Nor a pig to be butchered, stuck with a knife to bleed out...yuk! I'm the kind of "stuck" you can't see. Even I couldn't see it until recently, but I sure have been feeling the effects of being it. It seems like you wander around the area, and never quite GET to 'the area'. Last evening I did. I sure as heck don't know why, because I spent the entire day wandering around in my nightgown doing almost nothing.
And rhen BOOM! I stepped up and pulled out the "stuck" by doing something that has been left undone since our failed family Christmas gathering on Dec. 23rd. No rhyme or reason to it...and not that big a deal, except to me. Once it was done, I felt wonderful, refreshed, relaxed and re-newed in spirit. I guess that's what success feels like...who knew??? It started me thinking about what "being stuck" means beyond the simple explaination of "unable to go forward". I think maybe we get "stuck" in our opinions, our way of looking at things, all sorts of ways. Some habits are good, some....not so much. And I'm beginning to wonder if we are to go forward as a civilization, maybe we aren't going to have to work on getting "un-stuck" about some things. the quilty department, my friend Sue over at From the Magpie's Nest showed her cutting area last week(or earlier this week). She thought it was pretty bad. Well, Sue, hope this makes you feel better *VBS*A week ago, the cutting board was EMPTY..cleared off and neat for Jean's sewing day at my house. Then I went back to cutting for my Clare challenge *S*.
And then I brought home Betsy's scraps and started a new project late Monday sense cleaning up just yet.
Last but not least, part of my stash closet and what is leaking out of there. Doesn't look too bad right now.
The boxes hold fabric that is not in use at this time. It will re-appear as needed *VBS* How does YOUR cutting table look???? Are you stuck?


meggie said...

Your sewing room looks like progress not mess! I love to see everything in the 'process', so to speak. It means you are having fun, & getting things done!

Granny Lyn said...

Isn't it funny how it's really "us" that makes us stuck, not the "things" and once we see the barrier, our "un-stuck-ness" is also in sight.
very thought-provoking.
And I think your cutting board is absolutely as homey as can be.

Libby said...

Oh my 'word' is ORANGE. After saying it only a couple of times it just becomes meaningless nonsense. Then after a couple more times I am just giggling my fool head off. Orange is a funny word *s*

cher said...

your table looks normal to me! lots of fun fabric colors. good to become "unstuck"...we all get those lightbulb moments-glad you found one.
I linked back to Clare and though delightful posts to read-could not figure out the challenge-but glad you are inspired!

Quilting Journey said...

Libby's word is orange and mine is biscuit and yours are always 'magical' because even when you know, hear and feel 'stuck', you work your way through the pathways, the mountains, the valleys and take all the necessary detours to bring you back to us. I'm rereading some of your latest posts and here's what I found. "Five Magic Words" "Thoughts on Being Stuck...""...Time for a Change" "Detour" "The Minutes, the Hours, the Days" "From Tall Pine Country (perhaps seeing the forest from the trees?)to finally "A Party...With Gifts for All". I don't see stuck, Finn. I see a wonderful journey and lots of deep feelings, doings, and sharings. Your 'scraps and pieces' are always our'gifts.' ((hugs)) Michele