Saturday, April 12, 2008

Orphan blocks....Part 1

we all have them, don't we? Maybe a few, maybe lots! Let's use them. Gather up what you have. I use my gathering basket from North Dakota *VBS*
 It doesn't matter if they are 'singles' or a 'stack' of leftovers. They all work. If you are new to this, one possibility is to sort the blocks by size. Similar sizes match up easily. Less filler is needed.
 It doesn't matter if the blocks are BIG or small, long or short,it all works(within reason). Another possibility is to sort the blocks by color. More on that later.
 Begin to think about the 'general' shape you will work with. Most of my quilts are rectangles. I'm not fond of square quilts, but they serve a purpose. Think about 'row' quilts...both horizontal and vertical. Some blocks lend themselves to one, some to the other. Think about 'sections. It sounds odd but gradually the blocks will 'lead you'. I don't find lattice to be a satifactory solution, as such, but it's not impossible to use, or even setting blocks. At that point you are making more of a sampler than an orphan top.
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Granny Lyn said...

I am loving your tutelage on the scraps, I'm going to bookmark it all and come back over and over again.

julieQ said...

Thank you for your tutorial. Very useful with some great hints on how to put it all together!