Saturday, April 12, 2008

Orphan blocks...Part 2

Having decided if you are doing to do an 'evertything' or specific colors top, lets sew! This first row contains: 1 Halloween 9 patch, a Mile-A-Minute block, and where the little blue and white HST is, those are scraps from San, each about 2.5". Beyond them a couple more MAM blocks. The row is about 26" right now.
 And this guy, part of a pre-printed childs dress. I added strips and he will go into a quilt that in of "his colors", bright oranges, limes and turquoise. That pile grows slowly...LOL
 These are for a different orphan quilt. The rows have a l2" 9 patch, bright but LARGE,sections of Pioneer braid(a good way to use a disaster) a couple of sections of RailRoad Crossing,left over 6" 9 patches, and string blocks. I measure and pin a scrap to the section. Easier than re-measuring.
 Last but not least, these rows are for a top that I've chosen to piece in vertical rows. I pointed the puppy faces that way on purpose. If you look at the left hand section, I sewed some HST pieces together horizontally and added them between blocks. It's a nice fill in. You probably are wondering if I be sewing these TWO sections to each other?? I don't know. I'm NOT leaning that way, but it's possible. I might want something bigger and blockier next to that first vertical row.
Remember...there is NO right or wrong way to do this *VBS* More tomorrow!
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Katie said...

I'm reading your ideas for orphan blocks and reading again. I don't have a ton of orphans. I started cutting fabric into squares, triangles and strips while in FL. I used some left over fabric that sort of went together with a western theme. I got tried of doing that and started sewing some of them together and that resulted in orphans. I brought the blocks and bits of fabric north with me, knowing that I have a larger stash here. I liked the row idea but had to figure a way to make what I had long enough. I don't have enough fabric to make more of the orphan blocks I have so... Do you think I should just make a bunch of blocks or try to plan ahead? I have more fabric from my stash here to work with too. I don't think my few orphans here in MI would go with the Western theme but maybe I should check. I love the look of orphan quilts so will keep trying. Thanks for the support.

Greenmare said...

I like your ideas for orphans, I have a drawer full of them!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I love this, Finn. Hope you inspire lots of quilters to give this a try.

susan said...

i have shoe boxes full of blocks from exchanges and stuff...before i moved here to da UP i gave away lots and lots of ophan blocks that have since been made into some pretty neat tops. i am struggling with what to finish, what to start, etc. i am going to start dyeing a bunch of fabric for our guild quilt show this saturday...why do it weeks ago when i can totally wear myself out in the next day or two....i finally got my car, well now my dh's car finally stuck in the driveway...he told me to just go for it and i floored it and got stuck about 3/4s onto the drive. luckily not many cars go down our street. took him hours to clear driveway and dig out car...this is new snow from thurs-friday. spring? did anyone say it was spring? :-)

julieQ said...

Hi Finn! I love how these are coming together to make a beautiful whole. Gosh, you have a lot of orphans, and I am finding more and more myself in my new little sewing area as it is getting sorted out. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! From JulieK :)