Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orphan Blocks...Part 3

In making an orphan block quilt, you work with what you have. That doesn't mean you can't make parts for it. Sew a few of those left over strips into stratas and cut them into 4 or 9 patches. Split bigger squares to become HSTs. Combine them with what you have. I like to make 6.5" bow ties from bits of 3.5" stuff. You only need 2 squares for the boxtie(3.5")2 squares background(3.5")and 2 2" squares to become the 'knot'. They fit together nicely with 9 patches or bigger 4 patches.
 Maybe I will need a chunky block. The red and blue 4 patches were a donation, and the 9 patches are made from my bin of 2.5" squares. This is a good fill in for a section that needs something bigger instead of a row.
 The flying geese units came in as HST's from San. I turned them into flying geese for this quilt. Some left over 'parts' from a Quiltville quilt, and a sewn together row of 2" squares attached. They'll all fit in somewhere.
 Do you have some of these little odds and ends? The 'filler' pictures they put inbetween the Debbie Mumm labels? If so, stick them in orphan quilts. If the size doesn't match exactly, trim it off. These Christmas fillers work just fine with a couple of left over broken dishes parts. Almost anything could be added to them. Even a focus fabric square that you particularity like. Such as the octopus in yesterdays post. And how about using left over Tonya wonky letters, houses, heart, etc???*VBS*It's pretty amazing what you can come up with once you set aside any hangups about doing it 'wrong'...because you can't do it wrong!*VBS*
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cher said...

thanks for pointing out you can not do it wrong! love these examples Finn