Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Making a Rug - Prep - Part 1

I have this older Better Homes and Gardens book, part of series they published back in the 80's or 90's. If you have it, refer to it. There is a section on Rugs. I used these basic directions in addition to reading what Darcie had blogged about crocheting a rug. I believe that was June or July of '06. I'll double check and correct this if I need to. 
 The book tells you to join your fabric strips up in this method. It's one we kow from making binding strips. Even with the triangles trimmed off, I found it clumsy and bulky when you crochet past that part. Circular file 13 for this idea.
 This is the 'slit, loop and knot' method. I think this is the one Darcie uses. (I'm using 2" strips here to demonstrate on)..make a slit, fold over a 'loop' of the fabric you are joining, slip the whole loop through the slit, and then tuck the long end of the (looped) strip through the loop opening. Pull tight.
 A finished loop and slit looks like this. You'd have to trim off the excess from having made the loop. There is NO easier way to explain this process, you will have to take a couple of strips and just try it. It's how lap sponges are attached to the stainless steel surgical rings in OR...all you hospital gals would know this one..just like this old war horse. I don't care for this method either...again, I don't like the bulk of the knot. More in the next part of the Rug Prep...namely, my method *VBS*
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