Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time to make a crocheted rug - Part 4

You saw this picture in the last post. There's my pin, telling me I am back to the beginnings. It's not necessary to keep track of that, but as the rug gets larger and larger, it's a guidepost. Can you see the distinct 'rows'? The autumn type chain beginnings? The blue that followed nearly all the way around the first row? The black into yellowish and made up the 2nd row?
 And here we are with 3 rounds just about completed. In this 3rd round, I began to alternate: 1 sc in a stitch, and then 2 in the next one. That will be the way it goes for quite a few of the rounds as the rug grows. Sometimes that's NOT enough...and you'll end up putting (2)sc in several stitches in a row to 'ease' the curve. Sometimes it will take just ONE(1)sc in several stitches or it seems 'too full'. Sorry to tell you that will have to pay SOME attention to this aspect of making the rug. And I'll give you my BEST clues for what is needed. This is a NO FAIL test *VBS* If your rug is curling slightly as you come around the circle, you need to ADD MORE stitches. That eases out the curl. IF...the rug begins to RIPPLE, you've done TOO MANY stitches and need to pull out your crocheting back to where is doesn't ripple. Pulling out goes fast!!!!! Much faster than putting in!
As the rug grows, I lay it on the floor in front of me every round or two and make sure it is laying flat. I've had very good luck using these HINTS. Curl:to few stitches Ripple: too many stitches, and CHECK on the flatness periodically. And don't get discouraged. I figured this ALL out first hand. The directions in the BH&G book say increase every other stitch period after the first round. I found you MUST do that 2 in 1 as a 2nd round also. It's a learning process, but well worth the effort I think.
 Lastly, for today,fruits of my labor. The little "beginnings" is out to 3 1/2"s as I finish up the 3rd round. The red and white one is one I started yesterday(it will go to someone as a 'mug rug', when that begun round is complete it will be 4.5". The nearly all white one is a finished 'rug'. I use it under my coffee mug. It is made from white selvedges, and measures 5.5".
I've made dozens and dozens that size(5.5") for our local nursing home. They put a carafe of ice water on each of the dining room tables at meal time, and since they also use table cloths for the residents, the ice water carafe was making a mess, and dripping. My friend Jean came up with the idea of putting one of these little 'coasters' under the jugs of water and it solved the problem. The nursing home now also uses one of my little 'mug rugs' on each residents night stand to solve the problem in there. It's been a lot of fun and I enjoy making them this size. It goes really fast. I'm working on a bunch now that are all scrappy reds and scrappy greens. They will be for this coming Christmas.
And the nice part is, if a resident wants to take it with them when they leave, they may do so *VBS* There are so many ways to be of service to your community *S*
** Please feel free to email me with questions about your rug.
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Greenmare said...

thanks for showing this!! I've been wanting to make some rugs, but wehn I tried it I think my strips were way to wide. I'll have to take some notes and try your way!

Granny Lyn said...

You give and give and give, I am in awe of you.

Tracey in CT said...

Thank you so much for this, Finn!! I am SOOOOOOO tempted by this. I have been contemplating making a bigger rug with locker hooking (I've already made a little hotpad) bu maybe I should try this instead...hmmm...trying to decide.

Angie said...

Hi dear Finn and Ms. Ebby! Oh I'm so glad that you decided to post a rag rug tutorial! :) I treasure my rug that I made with your help, and intend to do more (soon LOL). Now I have your lovely instructions RIGHT HERE when I'm ready to start again! :) Thanks bunches with hugs for both of you! :)

Karen said...

Here is a little trick to join the strips together, without sewing and very little bulk. Cut a small slit in the right end of both strips you are joining. (1 & 2)
Slip strip #2 thru the slit in Strip #1 and then back thru the slit in #2, pull #2 tight and they will both be joined with very little bulk. Strip number 2 will then need another slit in the end to join the next strip.

Norma said...

Thank you dear Finn! I have tried to do this in the past and have had a hard time making my rug lay down flat. So you drew me the pictures I need and I will try again. My mother made these all the time and so did her grandmother who raised her. They were part of my childhood like embroidery, and I want some for ME.

betts123 said...

Dear Finn,
I am a former Wisconite - I left in 1962. I have read a lot of your posts - not all yet - but I find it very interesting. I think we share a lot of feelings. You do express yourself much better than I could ever hope to. I lived in Southern WI. I'm not sure what VBS is - it used to be "vacation Bible school" when I was younger. I am a quilter and sewer and am now 74 years old. I'm sorry to hear about your divorce - but I understand how people can become unhappy with each other - or realize that there was really nothing there in the marriage. Your references to "Orphan Train" intrigue me. I know what it refers to - it is a sad story. I am a survivor of a Lutheran "children's home". It was a good answer for where we (my brother and I) should go when my mother was killed and with an alcoholic father. My e-mail is The "wiskid" part is Wisconsin kid. I will read much more of your posts. Thank you.Betty

Julie said...

Thank you for the great tutorial. Your photos really help. I have yards & yards of a very thin Xmas fabric purchased years ago to make a "knitted" sweater that never materialized.It is no good for quilts (way too thin) but will make a good rug.

Perhaps commenter Betty would be interested in the book about the Orphan Train that several bloggers are reading.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Lovely idea Finn.I think they are practical and cute.

julieQ said...

Hi Finn!

Ok, I had to make a neccessary trip to Walmart...and just happened to go by by fabric department...and 6 $1.00 yards of fabric jumped into my basket without my pre-approved knowledge or consent! The pieces of pink and blue fabrics just begged to be made into a crocheted rug. I have never knowingly abused fabric (although some may disagree) :) , so I am stripping the fabric and starting my rug. Ha! Hope you are doing well, and thanks for yet another wonderful idea.

Patchwork Penguin said...

I did a search for crocheted rugs and found your blog. Have you ever made a larger throw rug.... like to put in front of your oven? How wide are the strips that you used and how do you join the strips? I missed all that.