Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time to make a rug - Part 3

The chain 6 gets joined by doing a slip st(sl st)into the first stitch.When you get to here stick the hook through the beginning stitch, yarn over(excuse the use of the word yarn)and pull through the opening AND the stitch on the hook, all in one motion.THEN...put ANOTHER single crochet(sc)in that same first stitch. You've now increased the count by ONE. Continue doing this ALL THE WAY AROUND. Should have roughly 12 sc's when you get back to the beginning again.
 This is first row completed. Ready to slip stitch to the former first stitch.
 I like to know when I've completed a ROUND, so I use a small safety pin, moving it up every few rows. That way I have an idea of where the beginning was when I am ready to be done.
 The second 'go round' will be almost exactly like the previous one. I try to get 2 single crochets in every stitch in this round also. It might be that your little beginning seems to be trying to be a caterpiller and curl up. Don't worry about that. Almost always it takes til the 3rd round before things flatten out. There can be exceptions to the 'getting 2 stitches' in every stitch of that 2nd round. One exception seems to happen if the fabric is too thick or wide. If its an awkward fit, just put in one sc and then put 2 in the next one. Way to you've got it!
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