Thursday, July 03, 2008

Places of the heart....

that were so real, so vibrant and the 'stuff' of daily existence. Time, ticking along, replaces those on a daily basis. Gradually at first, and then faster and faster. First the places, and then the people, who held our hearts, fade. But fading is not the same as disappearing. A lyric from a song, the scent of lilac on the warm spring air, a particular full moon, a passing glimpse of something...and we are once again in "that" place...the one that thing which is 'of the heart'.
 We could collect this random bits of stimulation, like pieces for a quilt. Rain on your face, the smell of freshly cut grass, flickering fireflies at dusk. A waft of homemade bread or fresh strawberries, the graduation march played across our nation as May rolls into June. Or the Wedding march ringing out from churches across the land. A baby's laughter or the scent of baby powder. Gather them up and put them in our scrap baskets.
 Long carefree days of seems they will never end. County fairs and spitting watermelon seeds. Dripping popsicles and brown bags of penny candy. The thump of a beloved pets tail as they greet us *VBS*
 Friends, Grandmas, little sisters, Mom and Dad. Favorite cousins, smelly Aunts. Each of these, a 'piece', that held a place in my heart, of my heart....gone now, passed into eternity, but existing in memories that take me back to there.
And for our country's celebration of Indendence tomorrow, "Catch a falling star and put it in a basket, never let it get away....".
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Suzy said...

Beautiful. :o)

Amelia said...

Your post reminded me of this:

Families are like quilts-
lives pieced together
stitched with smiles and tears,
colored with memories
and bound by love.

I have this saying in a frame here in my computer area.

Have a wonderful something exciting.

Fabricfaire said...

How true.

QuiltedSimple said...

Well said Finn!! Happy 4th of July

cher said...

you have a way with words Finn-love the "old" photos and the wonderful memories invoked.

Lyn said...

Hi Finn, when I read your post, it brought back similar memories to me.Nana's house, home baked scones, my mother sitting by the fire,Swimming in the river on a hot summer's day,autumn leaves,the list goes on.Thank You from Lyn

KCQuilter said...

Hi, Finn. First time I have had to check in on your blog in a while! Soothing, as always. Aren't fireflies just an absolute wonderment of summer?! They never fail to delight each new generation.

meggie said...

What a lovely post. A truly remarkable memory jogger, with it's nostaligic snippets of all our lives.
We are so lucky to have our memories.
I feel so sorry for those who lose theirs.

Diane said...

What wonderful memories your words evoke and what a great idea to put them in a memory quilt. It would be such a comfort to ponder these small things when life gets out of control.

Granny Lyn said...

with the buzz of a bee, and the icy freeze of the homemade lemon ice cream. It all comes back in a flood.