Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunny Days...

 ...chasin' the clouds away, ah yes, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. WARNING:no new pictures here. Just pieces from the scrapbag that is my life. A small sunny project, a little quilt to accompany the doll that went off to ilve with granddaughter H.
 And some sunshine on a stem. A favorite of mine, Betsy's and Van Gogh. Beautiful AND delicious!
 Leisure, a shady spot on a summer day. A time and place to reflect or just dream. Lately my dreams have been a mixed bag. Looking, seeking, wishing..a place or a way to jump start my enthusium for fabric and sewing(of quilts, primarily). A sense of guilt, as if I were lying about my passion, which seems to me missing.
And last, but not least, summer joy. My candy corn bandits, re-living the history of my kids. Oh the joy of doing belly-flops onto the shiny wet grass after a horrific rain storm, and sliding clear across the lawn on a sheet of standing water. Wish I had a picture of that *VBS*
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Dolores said...

Your mojo will come back. Enjoy the warmth and family while you can. Go take a walk, bake or visit someone. Keep busy doing something and take care.

AnnieO said...

Summer scrapbag for sure! Love the little doll quilt and the muddy boys' pose--little toughs!

Sunna Reyr said...

Good to "see" you again and congratulation on your handsome grandson and also on a beautiful graduate. You are so rich.

I hope you are more content now than you were in May. It's so difficult when life becomes so, for a lack of a better word, stagnate. Been there, done that. It takes time to get on the right (new) track again.

Love your doll quilt. I'm slowly buying bright fabrics in the hope that one day I'll be rich too.

Lynn Dykstra said...

Sweet pictures of summer--love the mud.

Purple Pam said...

So glad you are back Finn. I really missed you. Keep smiling, please. And take care of yourself.

quiltmom said...

Love the sunflowers Finn- they are my favorite flowers - those ones are particularly gorgeous.
Your grand baby's doll is sweet.
Love the rainbow of summer photographs.
Warmest regards,

Angie said...

I am SOOO happy that you are sharing bits and pieces of Finn's life with us again. :) I've really really missed you. Love the little quilt, the sunflowers are beautiful! and oh my that rug in the chair---I want to be there working on a rug with you. Those kids remind me of me when I was that age---all into dirt. LOL Well, you know what, I guess I still am!!! :D

ROZ said...

fabulous photos

Meggie said...

I just cannot find my mojo at all! I seem to have lost all creativity. I have a ring pillow to make for my daughter's wedding, and will need to flog myself to even begin making it!

Magpie Sue said...

I wonder why your mojo is so determindly MIA? Maybe you really want to do something other than sew? I recently found a sketchbook that has 25% cotton in its' pages so it takes and holds chalk pastels really well. I'm having a blast coloring pages, just blending colors mostly. And I'm suddenly sewing again! You might just need a creative change of pace m'dear. I don't remember seeing the little doll and quilt before I they're both delightful!

Luv2Quilt said...

Hi there.

I have lots of quilt shop fabric scraps that I do not need.
I have a hard time using scraps to make quilts with.

I was wandering if I could send them to you, if interested.

I was just going t throw them out.

Just let me know.

Greenmare said...

great pictures! once we get some nice cooler fall weather we will all feel more like sewing I'm sure!