Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The embroidery floss rope..

This is a full skein of Princess brand(registered trademark). It is 8 yards of color fast twisted floss. It's not meant to be seperated into single strands. It seems much like size 5 perle cotton to me, except for the twist. When I checked the back of the cowboy piece to see how many stands they used, I found it was just ONE strand of this type stuff. There is no price on the skein.


dot said...

What a neat piece of some unknown crafters history. Just think of all the hours that went into this piece of work. Beautiful. You need to make a special little guy in your life a quilt with this block.

Patty said...

I have seen that stuff, but never knew what to do with it.

Darcie said...

Such terrific little vintage stitcheries. What a story they could tell, I'm sure. Such workmanship! The backs are as lovely as the fronts.

Love that you have the floss as well! It's interesting how things have changed over the years, isn't it.