Sunday, April 01, 2007

Greening, rain and doll quilts....

...and at this point, Blogger is having none of that is..LOL. I've tried coming in through Picasa, Hello, and the regular posting format. So what the heck? I'll just write a Palm Sunday greeting and try to add pictures at the end.

We've had 2.5 days of steady rain, downpours at time, little to no thunder or lightening tho. The frost is out of the ground, and our grass is taking on a green tinge. When Betsy and I drove to the quilt store, the willow trees were shimmering with the promise of leaves coming fast. All around me are hill sides, part of the coulees and ridges left by the glacier. Off in the distance, the hills will take on what looks like 'green mist'. What it is, is the beginning of the leafing out process. And every spring if you watch you can see the hills go misty..*VBS* It's very lovely, but doesn't last long.
I've been busy working on the baby quilt, but also on two more doll quilts for a another friend, Delores. She has two granddaughters who have American Girl dolls. They have doll beds, but no quilts or blankets. I offered to make up a couple more of the Aunt Gracies prints in that Cracker pattern. I have the tops completed, but still need to back and machine quilt them. D. and I are getting together for lunch on Thursday, so I can deliver them then, just in time for Easter giving..*VBS*
Hard to believe that Easter is already upon us. I suppose it's partly that it is coming early, or seems early to me. Time has a way of getting away from me, but I'm not complaining...LOL. Retirement is the best time for that to happen. As long as I meet my obligations, all the time in the world is mine to use as I see fit.
Yesterday I spent part of the day working on a rug and watching the Hallmark Channel which ran an old version of Swiss Family Robinson. It was a hoot to watch the very young Russ Tamblyn in the role of Fritz. It was his teen age daughter that played the part of Joan in Joan of Arcadia(TV) a couple of years back. A good show, but one that lacked viewers and was canceled at the end of the second season. I tend to like shows that either educate, or stir my imagionation or enlightement. I rarely watch things that merely entertain.
I spent part of Thursday evening and part of Friday watching the 2 disc set of Gone With The Wind. It is ingredible what was accomplished by Selnick without the computer imaging and graphics that are used today. I don't spend much time thinking about the Civil War, and when I do, it's from a Northern perspective, since I'm born and raised in WI.
The last time I saw GWTW. was in a tiny, two bit theater in Cloverdale, Oregon. It's a very long movie, about 5.5 hours. I was 21 at the time. Watching it from this point in my life(late 60's) I have so much more understanding of the way the world works and doesn't work. I'm glad the nation stayed united at the end, but such a waste of time, human life and materials. And both sides so high handed in their convictions and intentions. I suppose mostly what I saw this time was human nature in action. Love, hate, loyality,friendship and cruelity all rolled into one saga. And so much judgement of people by each other. I suppose much the same as what the USA is involved in yet again. I guess there really is nothing new under the sun. All in all, I'm glad I spent the time watching it. The restored version is incredible in color and clarity. And it feels like an ole to the Old South, much like cowboy movies are to the old West. Made in 1938(if I got my Roman numerals right) is was almost a hundred years past the actual event, and of course just one person's view.


meggie said...

I would love to see those misty trees.
And I love the fact that now I am retired, I can please myself how I 'spend' my time!

Susan Tidwell said...

Finn, you don't need pictures with your colorful descriptions! Ah, Gone With the Wind, a classic. We saw it not long ago, also, and thought the same thing about how much they accomplished without the technology they have now. I have to admit, though, we turned it off when it started going downhill (having seen it many times before, and wishing for a happy ending). There are many references to the movie here in Georgia. Just south of Atlanta is Tara Boulevard. Just the other day when visiting Chickamauga, on main street was the "Fiddle-dee-dee quilt shop", "Frankly My Dear" bed and breakfast, and "Scarlett's Tea Room". I must go back and get some pictures!

Libby said...

We love old movies around these parts - for so many reasons, amazing cinematography without the benefit of comuter technology, smart story lines that don't hinge on getting the main characters naked and in bed, clever dialogue that doesn't immediately stoop to the nearest 'f-bomb.' Oh, don't get me started *s*
Glad to hear that spring is springing up out your way Finn. The rainy days sound delightful - we have had such precious little rain this year. Such perfect weather for staying home and stitching the hours away.